Your Health Matters

Your Health Matters

by Terri Bonin


You cannot afford NOT to invest in your health, especially during the holiday season! The best way to do that is with the amazing program called Essential Rewards! Young Living’s frequent shopping program that yields BIG returns! If you KNOW there are benefits, but you just don’t quite understand how it all works, this is what I suggest…Jump in with both feet. Yes, you will learn the most by just diving in and getting started!

Remember you are not adding a new expense to your family, you are transferring buying. Don’t pick up ANY cleaning or body products from the grocery store going into the new year! You’ve got to begin to exchange the chemical-laden products for more natural options! Just begin to shop from your own wholesale account to save your family money and health challenges! Transfer buying through Young Living saves money, time, and your health! It’s a no-brainer!…we like to call it ditching and switching!

All you need to do to get your free products is…



…to spend approximately $100 and you’ll receive free shipping! The more you spend the MORE FREEBIES you get that are specific to that month. It’s such a great deal! I have been able to fill our home with chemical-free, essential oil-infused cleaning products, supplements, and more! I have received tons and tons of free products to keep for our family or to share with others! It’s CRAZY how it all adds up! Kinda like frequent flier points only you don’t have to deal with TSA! (…and during the holidays what a bonus! LOL)

Check out what you could get in a typical month if you just switched your buying habits to Young Living’s safe alternatives that allow you to take control of your family’s wellness!

Nutmeg Vitality-

Whether it’s baked into spice cake or blended into tea, nutmeg offers a warm, nostalgic taste and aroma. Nutmeg Vitality has a sweet and distinctly spicy taste, making it a powerful and versatile essential oil. Nutmeg Vitality is particularly good for enhancing the flavor of winter produce such as acorn squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. Along with boosting flavor in favorite recipes, Nutmeg Vitality oil has many health benefits, which include supporting cognitive function, providing immune support, and supplying powerful antioxidants.

Northern Lights Black Spruce-

Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil comes from Young Living’s new Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, Canada. Diffuse this rich, woodsy, and invigorating scent during meditation to create a fresh aromatic atmosphere. Add it to skin care products or apply topically to help improve the appearance of dry skin or to help maintain the appearance of healthy-looking skin. Northern Lights Black Spruce can also be applied anywhere, including to the bottoms of feet, along with the spine, back of the neck, or used for massage.


Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons, giving its aroma all the brightness of the freshly picked fruit. Cheerful, sweet, and nostalgic, Lemon oil can eliminate odors and infuse your whole home with its clean, lemon-drop scent when diffused. Lemon oil benefits skin and hair as much as its aroma benefits your environment. Your teens can add a drop to their evening moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes, while you can add it to your conditioner for an aromatic treat that smoothes and shines the look of your hair.

Life 9-

Life 9 is a proprietary, high-potency probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains that promote healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for overall support of a healthy immune system.

Sacred Frankincense-

Sacred Frankincense is versatile for both topical and aromatic uses. Diffuse Sacred Frankincense to elevate meditation and other sacred moments or to enjoy an aroma that is grounding, inspiring, and uplifting. An important ingredient in Sheerlumé, it is also perfect for applying to skin to maintain its healthy-looking, radiant appearance. Sacred Frankincense essential oil comes from the distillation of the resin of the Boswellia sacra frankincense tree. This oil is ideal for those who wish to take their spiritual journey and meditation experiences to a higher level.



ps…Do you wonder if you can use essential oils with your family?

If you’re looking for more “Dr. Mom” wisdom then just text HEALTH to my number 281-747-8467 and I’ll walk you through my favorite tips on natural living for optimal health and wellness!

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