You Can’t Eat Your Laundry!

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This weeks Movie Monday has Laundry Mom Angela interviewing Carolyn on how to get started on Storing Food in case of an emergency! You don’t want to miss these great tips! Check out the video below to get some ideas on how you can be ready next time the electricity goes out or an emergency requires you to BE PREPARED!

Check Out these favorite websites on being prepared:


Laundry Mom~Angela ♥

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3 comments on “You Can’t Eat Your Laundry!

  1. Kali says:

    Wow, this is really great information! My first step will be to start canning- we rely on our freezer alot.

  2. I LOVED this post. I’m so inspired. WHO KNEW you could store EGGS in SALT and they would last 6 months!!! WOW! Help me remember this when Easter comes around and eggs are so cheap! I’m inspired to do what she said and start something and to start slow. Thank you Laundry Moms.

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