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Several years ago my husband and I began to feel YUCK about the stuff that consumed our attention at Christmas. We hunted for a possible change in direction and honestly did not have to go far to find EXACTLY what our family needed. In fact a magazine that arrived in the mail delivered the choice of gifts we desired most…


Before we knew it the kids were circling goats, chickens, water wells, books and more in the World Vision Magazine. Imagining the lives touched across the world proved to heap more contentment than mounds of plastic toys on this special day of celebration. Now don’t get me wrong, we still enjoy burying our own kids in goodness the traditional way at Christmas, but I believe the greatest gift they receive from us is the gift of giving.


Once our kids choose the gifts in the World Vision Magazine, then the items are ordered under each child’s name then World Vision then sends a card saying, Caden gave a sheep to ____________. Samuel gave a goat to _______. Halle gave books to _________etc…  On Christmas morning we take turns opening the cards after brunch around the table…tummies full and hearts hungry to reach across the world . Each family member explains why that particular gift was chosen. It’s a somber time of realizing our extremely blessed lives compared to those less fortunate not too far from us.


As parents we have the opportunity to walk our children through the steps of acknowledging the need, and then being apart of the solution. My pastor says that we should either be giving, going, praying, or all three. Right now, this Christmas which will it be for your family?


What is your family’s favorite charity and how can your family help them this year?


We would love to hear about it.


Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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