Everyone has some stinky things in their lives. Some are emotional and some are just actually smelly. I’m not going to cover the emotional stink today (I’ll do that another day) but I will cover how to purify your life from the stinky smells in your home. From burning dinner to your husband’s forgotten gym bag (barf!) here’s the how-to on creating a lovely stink free atmosphere.

You might be surprised to find out that there’s actually one simple thing that can take care of all the unpleasant odors in your home and vehicle. Purification essential oil is exactly what you need. Naturally occurring compounds such as Neral, Cineol, and Geranial contribute to Purification’s odor-fighting abilities.

If you’ve ever burned your dinner or have the overpowering smell of fish lingering in the air long after dinner is finished, put a few drops of purification in your diffuser and voila! Bye-bye fish smell, hello fresh! When your husband forgets to wash his jerseys after playing sports and they sit there for a week, the stench may seem to be stuck in the bag for life. No need to burn it, you can add several drops of purification to a glass spray bottle with distilled water and spray the smell right out of there. PS, this also works on stinky shoes and boots ~ you’re welcome! If your car smells a little funky you can get a USB diffuser, add a drop of Purification, and in a few minutes, your car will smell fresh and clean again.

My favorite thing about Purification is that it doesn’t just mask the smell. It neutralizes the smell and removes it so that it doesn’t come back. When I use a product I want it to work and be done with the problem not just mask it. That’s one thing I love about all the Young Living products. They work!

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