Why 31 Days to Fit?

Well, Hi Mamas!


I’m the author of 31 Days to Fit, the little give away at the bottom of the AWESOME Trim Healthy Mama Giveaway this month. I feel quite honored to be paired with these two AMAZING women. Amazing not just because of the book they wrote, but also because of the lives they live. I can’t wait to see who wins. They wrote a GREAT BOOK.


Now a little about WHY my book and I are paired with them… When I was in my teens I began to see that weight was going to be an issue for my small 5 foot tall framed body. So I took all my questions and concerns to the Creator. I KNEW He had the answers. I understood that He created us to eat and enjoy food, and I believed that He cared that I wanted to be healthy AND TRIM.


But I was confused about HOW to eat and MAINTAIN trim.


I was tired, bloated and could barely put food in my mouth without gaining a pound…

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Little did I know that my poor teenager sugar habits wreaked havoc on my thyroid slowing it down and causing all of my issues. As I began to study about the body and how it works with food, I identified my mistakes and the reasons for my low energy, dry skin, brittle hair and nails and I began to change.


The changes I made, over time, restored my thyroid, strengthened my hair and nails and improved the appearance of my skin. My book is about these lifestyle habits. The very eating habits I began to practice in my late teens are the very habits these Trim Healthy Mamas teach.

They work.

I’ve been living it for over 20 years, through almost a dozen pregnancies. We may say things a little differently sometimes, even sound like we might disagree, but that just makes me an ornery sister with the same results, right? (If you read their book, you get that.)


My book breaks down my habits into 31 Days.


When I first published my book I was a little apprehensive about admitting that my 31 Days to Fit program has very little exercise. I mean, who would take me seriously, right? I thought people might write me off as just having good genes, which could not be further from the truth. But the awesome Trim Healthy Mamas totally validated what I was teaching moms.


Who has the time to be chained to a gym? Not me! Who WANTS to be chained to a gym? No one I know and we don’t have to be! Life style and food choices in proper combinations are the key.


Whether you read my book or not, I would LOVE to have you pop over  to 31 Days to Fit-Recipes and check out what goes on in the kitchen at the Bonin house. Happy Health to you and may you reach all your physical goals this month.

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