Who Wants Happy Hormones?

Who Wants Happy Hormones?

by Terri Bonin


Who doesn’t want happy hormones, am I right? Unhappy hormones can lead to stress, weight gain, hormonal migraines, erratic emotions, discomfort, sensitivity, irritation, etc. That is just not a fun state to be in. Our body needs hormones and usually, it does a good job of producing them on its own, but sometimes help is needed. Synthetic hormones are the least ideal as they are manufactured in a lab. Plant-based hormones (known as phytohormones) are much more ideal than synthetic ones if one is looking for a more natural option.

There is a very simple way to get plant hormones onto our bodies and into our cells to help our hormones be happier and that is…


Who Wants Happy Hormones


Essential oils! There are essential oils that are designed to support the endocrine system (aka the hormone regulator of the body) such as Young Living’s Endoflex essential oil. It can be used topically over the thyroid or you can use the Endoflex Vitality internally. There are times when the body is low on progesterone and needs a boost. Low progesterone can be linked to hormonal migraines, issues in the uterus, etc. When this starts to happen, it can be helpful to use something on your body that supports a healthy balance of hormones.

Low estrogen levels can be linked to moodiness, cramps, depression, lack of confidence, etc. Again it’s important to find a natural way to support a healthy balance of hormones to decrease negative emotions, boost confidence, etc. Thankfully Young Living has some amazing essential oils that do exactly that. Progesterone Plus is a serum made up of essential oils and natural yam extract. It helps to support healthy progesterone levels. Lady Sclareol, on the other hand, is full of phytoestrogens that help support healthy estrogen levels.

A bonus is that these oils smell amazing so many people use them as perfumes.


~ Terri


ps… If you’re looking for more “Dr. Mom” wisdom then just text HEALTH to my number 281-747-8467 and I’ll walk you through my favorite tips on natural living for optimal health and wellness for the whole family!



Hi Friend… I’m married to my hubs who also happens to be my favorite dentist! Brace yourself for this next part: We have eleven amazing kiddos, on purpose! Said kids are growing up fast and multiplying now, too! So our family is basically the size of a small city!

I’ve home-schooled our children for 25 years and have several more to go until we graduate our youngest who is nine. I was crunchy before it was cool and used essential oils before it became a fad. Therefore I fill this space with thoughts on marriage, mom hacks, wellness tips, and peeks into our crazy, messy, beautiful life. I hope you find this space happy and helpful!

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