Who Are you Hanging With?

There’s been some so-called “friends” coming around these parts.

They like to disguise themselves as comrades, or even allies.

They find their way in to my space, appearing comfortable, friendly & just doggone good company to be around.

But I’m on to ’em.

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See if you have any of these companions in disguise lurking around where they ought not to be!

1)  Procrastination. 

This one likes to creep in and convince me that there is that there is something much better going on than whatever I think I should be doing.

He devises other plans as well, such as “I’ll be right there”, “let’s make a plan to get together soon” or “Just give me five more minutes.”

My two year old started saying, “I’m busy” this week. Yikes!  A sure sign he too is picking up on the schemes of this unwanted guest.

2) Anxiety. 

This one needs to be particularly sneaky, because I like to think I am invincible to the  trickery of this imposter.

Nonetheless, I’ve caught him red-handed as well, trying to sell me ideas like “I will never get on top of this” or “my life feels impossible right now!”

If I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, I may occasionally even see him showing up in my body without my consent, as evidenced by my furrowed brow or my tense, raised shoulders.

3) Frustration. 

Another sneaky sort, this one does his best work as a “friend” attempting to convince me that his presence his completely justified.

“Why is your room not tidy?”

or “Why are your shoes left lying around still- I just asked you to move them!”

or “What do you mean, you can’t find your binder that you’ve had all morning to look for?!”

He tries to deceive me into setting false or unrealistic expectations for myself and my kids: the perfect set-up for frustration and anger.

I write with a lighthearted tone, but the reality is, we need to be alert to the schemes of the enemy. Deception is just that- we don’t know when we are being deceived. It takes a step back and a heart that seeks to ask the Lord to expose any areas in our lives where we are not walking in the light of His Truth.

This week, ask yourself and put it before God- where am I allowing myself to join forces with any of these so called “friends”?

The good news is that once they are exposed, they must flee!

Next week: how we can say “bye-bye” to these unwanted guests once & for all, and remain on guard so we can walk in the fullness of who we are created to be.


Laundry Mom~Kali ♥


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