When Momma Ain’t Happy

When Momma Ain’t Happy

Rhonda Stoppe



Do you ever feel like happy times are always just out of your grasp? No matter how much you try to plan time to enjoy one another, something always seems to highjack your plans? I know there are seasons in marriage when there is so much work to do that it seems impossible to make time for each other.

When our children were young, there were days when I was simply exhausted. Our youngest daughter, Kayla, was plagued with ear infections that would inevitably flare up in the middle of the night.

And after staying up through the night to comfort her, I could not go back to bed because our two-year-old son would wake up and need my attention. Have you had similar experiences?

I remember how…




…difficult those days of raising little ones were. I recall how my husband, Steve would attempt to bring a jovial atmosphere into our home only to have one of the kids spill their milk at the table, causing more work for me, as I so rudely chided.

Even as my harsh words were leaving my lips I would immediately regret them. My poor husband didn’t stand a chance with my hormonally imbalanced, sleep-deprived disposition.

Are you the mom of little ones? Or maybe you have teenagers in your home who are skilled at working mom and dad into an argument so they can get their way. Raising kids is both hard and wonderful—exhausting and exhilarating.

In my own experience, when I allowed my circumstances to dictate my joy, my family was destined to ride with me on the roller coaster of my emotions.

I did not become a joyful wife and mom until I learned the importance of spending time in prayer and daily Bible study.

In other words, I needed to look to God. I could not expect my husband to give me a life free from difficulty so I would be happy. I could not ask him to do for me what only God can do.

The only way you can experience true joy—no matter what your circumstances—is by pursuing intimacy with Christ on a daily basis. As you determine to seek joy in your relationship with Him, you will discover that your happiness comes not from how well your day turns out, but from Jesus Himself.*


*Excerpt IF MY HUSBAND WOULD CHANGE I’D BE HAPPY & Other Myths Wives Believe




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