What’s on Your To-Do List?

Accomplishments are wonderful, and I am oh-so familiar with days filled with laundry and meal preparation and the mundane tasks that really are never “done”…or perhaps noticed.  I am familiar with that mighty fine feeling of completing a job that stays done.  And maybe share it with someone…with a whoop of YES! I did it! Life is good!

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But I have come to realize…it can be a temporary pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong.  We are called to work- to be purposeful, intentional and creative.  But I don’t want to get caught in that weak spot of valuing finished tasks over the process, and the moments, and the relationships that may be neglected in that process.  I am mindful of that temptation that beckons me to that comforting place of seeking approval for what I am “doing.”

And mamas, can I suggest a cure?  It’s really pretty simple.

Do more of the hidden, unseen tasks.  Wholeheartedly, with gusto.  And slowly, if need be.  Knowing that the greatest approval we are to desire is that of,

“well done, good and faithful servant”  (Matt 25:21)

It takes faith to scrub that bathroom floor, just because it needs to be done- knowing that nobody will really notice.  Knowing that it will “un-cleaned” very soon after.

It takes faith to prepare a meal with our hearts really in it.  To serve it, enjoy it and clean up after it…knowing that nourishing our families is a gift, even if it isn’t always outwardly appreciated.

It takes faith to give of ourselves…especially when we risk facing an attitude of entitlement, or possibly flat-out rejection.

But at the end of the day…it’s the life poured out that we’re called to. Not out of duty, obligation or a spirit of weary martyrdom.  Rather by faith: that it’s the secret to a life well-lived, successful…and satisfying.

This year, will you journey with me to commit to just…being?  To choose contentment and joy in the moments over the desire for approval by others, or even by the satisfaction of our own task-lists?  I know I will be weaving this desire into the fabric of my goals and desires for 2013.  And will need reminding and encouragement from my comrades along the journey!


LM-Kali2Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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4 comments on “What’s on Your To-Do List?

  1. Terri Bonin says:

    Yes, I’ll join you. God called me to that life a few decades ago. It’s a beautiful life.

  2. Kali, I’ve never heard it put that way, “It takes Faith to scrub the floor, Faith to prepare a meal…” You are so right. Beautifully worded and a precious reminder. Thank You

  3. Terri Bonin says:

    I was sick the first time I typed my response, so I want to add to it…Kali, this is beautifully written and well spoken. It is HARD to just “be” and to trust that He is finishing the work. But you are right that when we work hard, yet rest in Him life is fully satisfying! Great article!!

  4. Kali says:

    Thanks to you both Terri and Erin…you ladies inspire me in this high calling of mamahood and a life well-lived. Looking forward to a faith-FULL year of journeying with you!

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