What Speaks Romance To Your Man?

What Speaks Romance To Your Man?  

By Rhonda Stoppe


The Day I Became a Biker Chick


The year our oldest daughter, Meredith, turned 18, my husband came home with a motorcycle. He wanted me to ride on the back with him while leaving our two younger kids at home with Meredith. Up to this point, I had been hesitant to ride with Steve. I thought, Who will take care of our kids if something happens to us?


But now that Meredith was 18, Steve thought it was a great time to buy a motorcycle. His logic was, “If something happens to us, Meredith can take care of the kids.”


Seriously, Steve thought this was made perfect sense. So I had a choice to make: I could succumb to my fear, or I could jump on the back of that bike, wrap my arms around my man, and ride off into the sunset.


I chose…




the latter.


And over the past decade, what adventures we have had on our motorcycle! Recently we rode the bike from Northern California to Seattle and back––1900 miles round trip!


This experience was pure romance for my husband. And I completely enjoyed the scenery as we rode the coastal highway. As for my romantic tank? Once we made it to Seattle, we caught a cruise ship to Alaska and had a delightful time of romance!


Just like you enjoy time with your girlfriends, there are times your husband would prefer to do activities with his guy friends. But you may be surprised to learn that your husband might not always be looking for guys to do guy stuff with him. Rather he might be hoping you will do guy stuff with him. And when you do, he is romanced.


Here are two more activities that may fill your husband’s need for romance:


Let him pursue you. When you were dating your husband, part of the romance for him was in pursuing you. So devise ways to flirt with and entice him into pursuing you from time to time. When it comes to filling your husband’s need for romance, you’ll be surprised how far a little flirtation goes.


Have sex with him. When your husband puts forth the effort to pursue you, he is really hoping the evening will end with him enjoying you sexually. And his desire is for you to be looking forward to your time together as well.


I remember as a young mother how having sex with my husband could become a “just another thing I’ve got to do today” activity. It wasn’t until an older woman, a Titus 2 woman, helped me realize how deeply men long to be affirmed by their wives through sexual intimacy.


When you joyfully take your husband to bed, you not only satisfy his physical, God-given need for sex, you become the salve for his soul as well. When you make the effort to deeply engage with your husband through sex, you are saying to him, “I love you. I want you. I am here for you. I believe in you.” Is it any wonder why most men put sex as number one in their romance category?*


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October-2011-131Rhonda Stoppe teaches women to LIVE LIFE WITH NO REGRETS. With more than 20 years experience of helping women build a life with no-regrets.

Rhonda is an enthusiastic communicator who unfolds the doctrine of Scripture with a contagious passion for Truth, as she teaches and challenges her listeners to connect with God in an intimate walk of obedience. Rhonda encourages and inspires women to LIVE DELIBERATELY to become the women God intends them to be. Recently, Rhonda spoke at Valley Home Educators Convention, and at Spirit West Coast.

Rhonda is the author of MOMS RAISING SONS TO BE MEN, a book published by Harvest House Publishers. Women are drawn to Rhonda’s ability to weave biblical truth into everyday issues, which has led readers to make her book sell an average of 1000 books per month. She is currently writing her next book for Harvest House. She teaches on this and other topics at women’s events throughout the country. She spends much of her time mentoring women and counseling along side her husband, Pastor at First Baptist Church Patterson, CA.

To hear Rhonda’s recent radio appearance How Moms Can Find Purpose and Passion listen HERE!










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