What If?

Sometimes we think that finding the perfect soul mate is all about us “finding Mr. Right”. We don’t take time to pray and ask God to bring the right man to us, then surrendering our will to His perfect will and obeying God in marriage. Trust the Lord to bring you your perfect match, and trust Him with the results.

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What if I had never obeyed you?

Where would I be today?

What if I had ignored you?

And gone on my own way?

Who would hear all this laughter?

Who would see all this life?

There would be so much missing

If he never asked me to be his wife.

How can I ever say Thank you?

How can I ever convey?

That my life would be so empty

If I had not ever obeyed?

The morning would be void of cereal

Of cartoons, crayons, and curls

My life would be so empty

Without my four little girls

What would I do without trampolines?

Legos and Air Soft guns?

How would my life be different?

If I had stopped at just one?

Where would I have headed?

Who would know me as friend?

Would I be surrounded by others

Who had also said No to your plan?

Who would I have turned into?

What price would I have paid?

Would I be calloused and wounded?

Or regretting the choices I made?

Where would my path have taken?

If I never surrendered to you only

Would I be planning her wedding?

Or sitting outside feeling lonely?

Would I even care about anyone?

Would your Bible be part of my day?

Would I be teaching her driving?

If I had turned you away?

My heart is eternally grateful

My cup overfloweth with praise

For You,  I said “Yes” to the future

And made sure You planned out my days

He’s my husband because of your goodness

They are my children because of your plan

Please allow me to say yes to more choices

For you Lord hold me in the palm of your hand


Erin C. Lichnovsky

Feb 2013


laundry mom ErinLaundry Mom~Erin♥

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