What Does Love Look Like?

It’s no secret that expressions of love can take a variety of forms.

My daughter came home one night with the idea of finding out what the Top 5 “Ways I Feel Loved” were for each family member.  We now have a smattering of sticky notes on our fridge, with everything from “stories read to me on the couch” to “backrubs” to “bringing me coffee in bed” to “telling me I’m doing a good job.”  It was so great to hear from our kids (and for them to hear from us) as to how we can show love to one another in really simple but meaningful ways.

Though there are many common threads, weaving the tapestry of loving relationships can look very different for us all.

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These days, I’m thinking about the seasons where we are actually responsible to leave our own colorful threads out of the picture.  For our own health, or the sake of our family, or some other reason, love can look like a boundary.  Sometimes a change in relationship is necessary to allow God to unravel the areas where “mistakes” have taken place.  Always for our own good and for the good of the other person.

If you are in a relationship that is often strained, where communication is difficult, where misunderstandings are frequent, or where hurt and pain is the norm, take some time to step back this weekend and evaluate.

1) Pray.  Offer the situation to the Lord and ask for His wisdom in the steps to bring restoration.

2) Seek professional and/or Godly counsel. Consider very carefully who you might share this with.

3) Equip yourself!  Do you need some more tools in your toolkit?  Consider the resources below:

Boundaries by Dr. Cloud & Townsend

GEMS– Communication Mastery Course by Dani Johnson

Dr.’s Jack & Lavonne Atnip at The Encouragement Center

God is committed to a perfect, beautiful finished tapestry…and if we follow His precepts to love one another, there will be seasons where He will grow and teach us how our loving expressions may need to look a little different.


Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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