Two Brains=Too Funny

So what do you do for fun?

Wow. I had to think about that one for a little too long!

We used to be so fun-loving back in the day.  And we do enjoy kid-friendly fun at home: playing games, being silly and having dance parties in the kitchen.

But fun… just as a couple?  We realized this has been a bit of a miss in past months…date nights seemed to have become so…serious.  Time to talk.  Time to enjoy a meal.  Time to dream and plan… always enjoyable…but having fun? And we share our bedroom with our baby…which changes the dynamics of the Marriage Bed.

So to be honest, fun has been pushed to the back burner on the list of priorities. Can anyone relate to me on this one- when the seasons of life bring you into a place where you realize you’re not even making time for fun anymore?!

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(Which is why I need the 14 day challenge- on the right- perhaps more than many of you! And it is so amazing! Go get it now!)

So yes, I think God knew we needed to lighten up a bit and that our hearts could use a dose of that “best medicine” we all know is so good for us!

Enter Mark Gungor, of “Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage”.   And together with a group of 20 or so couples, we have spent the past 5 weeks doing just that.  And oh my goodness.  SO FUNNY!

We have a little saying in our house, “it’s funny ’cause it’s true.”  And that’s the case here- Mark Gungor manages to completely nail the many stereotypical needs & differences between men & women.

Perhaps what made this funniest to us…was just how close to the stereotypes we actually are! What? When did this happen?!

Looking over to see your husband splitting a gut over some quirky idiosyncrasy that Mark has perfectly captured was indeed good for the soul.  Listening to couples laughing uproariously behind you at some other identified “need” that they can relate to was just plain fun for our friendships. And for me to be able to simply show up after a full week, knowing that I could sit back, and enjoy a good laugh with my man, was refreshing & fun.  And we learned a LOT about one another!

So many little nuggets stuck with us throughout each week, and gave us so much to talk and LAUGH about.

And simply laughing out loud together reminded us of how much we need to keep humor & fun in our marriage.

(And oh…my fella has been so “nice to the girl!”)

Enjoy this clip,Tale of Two Brains,  check out Your Way Laugh to A Better Marriage for more, and make time to have a good belly laugh with your spouse today!


LM-Kali2Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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