Turning An Angry Heart Into A Forgiving Spirit

Turning An Angry Heart Into A Forgiving Spirit

By Drenda Keesee


Between juggling social commitments, taking care of tasks that seem never-ending, and dealing with relatives who know just how to test your patience, frustration can quickly turn into ANGER.

I want to encourage you and give you the tools that will help you turn those feelings of frustration and anger into forgiveness so you can live your life with a peaceful spirit and make the kind of memories that will last a lifetime!

Attitude Is Everything

When stress and anxiety creep in, don’t let your frustrations run amuck. Instead, harness the power of positive thinking; this will help you keep your eyes on what is good in your life.

Negative thoughts can snowball out of control, so you have to make the choice to stop negative thoughts as soon as they start!

You can master the skill of positive thinking.

You just need to believe you can do this. God does! I encourage you to stand on God’s Word as you navigate the holiday season.

He wants to guide you in all the areas of your life.

He wants to help you refocus your mindset.

You can think right!!

Each time you have a toxic thought, find a Bible verse to cast it down. Keep your eyes on God, and He will help you overcome your anxiety. He will bring you through the holiday season feeling refreshed and renewed!

Do this and you are one step closer to discovering a better you and a better life!

HERE are some power-packed Bible verses that you can use to cast down negative thinking.

Having a Joyful Heart When Dealing with Unbelievers

At times family dinners with extended family can quickly turn into religious landmines.

I want to encourage you when you run into an uncomfortable situation to resist the urge to be negative by following these four simple steps:

1. Trusting your gut.

God will let you know which conversations will be fruitful and which ones will not. If you sense someone is not open to your faith, it’s okay to not engage. Everything has its proper season.

2. Being a light.

Show your faith by your actions. Psalm 103:8 tells us, “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love” (NIV). Christmas is about joy because we have a Savior who made eternal life an option. Don’t give the enemy a foothold; prevent anger from sprouting up by praying for unbelievers. If you have loved ones who are unbelievers, one of the best ways to love them is to hand them over to God.

3. Staying grounded.

Take comfort in your Christian friendships. Keep in touch with the friends who ground you. Jesus ministered to unbelievers, but He kept His friends, His disciples, closest to Him. Your fellow believers have insights and wisdom; look to them for encouragement and advice, and, most importantly, prayer.

4. Being Grateful.

Every time an uncomfortable situation arises, think about something for which you are grateful. The longer you think negative thoughts, the more powerful they become, so it is essential that you pull them up by their roots and that you do it right away!

Here’s How to Turn It Around and Get Some Perspective…

Your words determine your world!

So…what kind of world are you creating?

If you find yourself feeling frustrated, take inventory of what is coming out of your mouth. Spoken words have a powerful influence over your life.

Take the time today to pause and speak kindly encouraging words into your life and into the life of someone else. In giving to others, you will receive joy and peace. That small moment of kindness might be the thing that gets them through the day with hope.

Small acts of kindness can change the world.

Reach out to your church or local charities and ask what you can do to give back.

Think about your gifts…

Do you like to bake?  When you are baking cookies, make a few extra batches to donate to families in need.

Going on trips to the grocery store? Spend a few extra minutes in the canned foods aisle and put some things in your cart for local food drives. Instead of grabbing one can of green beans, grab three.

It might not feel like you are doing much but to the person receiving that food…

You made a difference.

You gave them something to be thankful for.


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Drenda Keesee’s contagious zeal and humorous personal experiences help make her ministry of spiritual, emotional and relational wholeness one that will bless your life and spark a new fire in your spirit.

A wife of over 30 years and a mother of five children, Drenda has ministered at churches, seminars, and conferences, and through the mediums of television and radio, for more than 20 years.

Her books, The New Vintage Family, Better Than You Think, and She Gets It are available wherever books are sold. In these heartfelt books, Drenda shares her personal journey and the life lessons that have brought her to where she is today, as well as practical answers that all people need to live a joyful life.

Drenda and her husband Gary founded Faith Life Now, a ministry designed to spread the message of freedom in the areas of finances, faith, marriage, and family. Tune in for their weekly messages here. Faith Life Now hosts conferences worldwide, and sponsors both Fixing the Money Thing, which Drenda co-hosts with her husband Gary, and Drenda.

Through their own life experiences, the Keesees have found the principles from God’s Word to be powerful and effective. At one point, Drenda was a young, suicidal feminist with no hope of ever being “good enough” for her own standards of perfection. She never wanted the “inconvenience” of a husband or children, and she was on her own path to success. But the stress of trying to achieve perfection and perform for love left her broken and used. She had success, but it was nothing compared to the pain and loneliness it had also brought.

That’s when God got a hold of her heart. It was there—at her lowest point—that she found the One who accepted and loved her, faults and all. Since that transformation, Drenda has had a passion to reach women who find themselves where she once was.

She married Gary after attending college, and there she found herself in a personal boot camp of sorts. She says, “I cried and told God, ‘I can do anything but be a wife and mother.’” She committed to learning how to do it God’s way. Through the many years of raising their children and struggling to make ends meet, Drenda learned from their mistakes. “I didn’t know how to be a wife and mother, but God saved our marriage, taught us how to parent our children for success, showed us how to have financial success, and then irony of all ironies, He called us to ministry.” It’s truly because of these life experiences that Drenda can now share so many insightful principles for people who are now going through the same struggles.

Gary and Drenda pastor Faith Life Church at The Now Center in New Albany, Ohio and also are the CEOs of Forward Financial Group.

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