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May is HERE!  Can you EVEN believe it???  This month we are all so excited to turn our focus AWAY from Spring Cleaning, and put it ON Health and Wellness in our lives and homes.

We have so much coming you will not want to miss.

It was early January of this year, when Laundry Moms Terri and Angela went to lunch with me.  Terri went ON and ON about this AWESOME book she was reading, and was getting Angela all on board with it.  To be honest, I just rolled my eyes at Terri because she and I have been friends for decades, and we are both a lot alike!  When we get excited about something, we both want to tell EVERYONE and we both think that OUR newest THING needs to be EVERYONE’S newest THING!    I was still focused on the LAST BIG THING she had shared with me and not ready to even listen to this newest one.

After about a day, another friend tells me about the same book.  Then another friend, and then another!  Before I know it, everyone of my close friends had either bought the book, or were about to buy the book because it was SO GOOD!  I think what changed my mind was when my girlfriend, Christi, tells me how open and free these Christian authors were about love-making with their husbands.  Of course, my curiosity was now peaked!  What EXACTLY are they saying???? She whispers it to me and I blush!  Oh my!!!

Yeah, it’s worth the read just to get to that chapter ladies!

Below is my friend’s testimonial, she looks fabulous by the way!  She’s one Trim Healthy Mama…


I first heard about Trim Healthy Mama last summer before it was released. I was intrigued but not enough to buy it in pre-release. I know and trust the Above Rubies girls, but I try to be mindful of anything closely relating to a “diet”, and the fads flying around these days are crazy.

I don’t ever want to give my girls the idea that being skinny is something to be sought after.

We eat very healthy in our home and that is what I always talk about with my children, our need to care for the temples, our bodies, that God has given us. However, I was still carrying 25 extra pounds that 4 quick pregnancies had blessed me with.

My health was being affected by my added weight and I needed to draw a line and do something about it.

So, when my sweet husband asked me for Christmas ideas, I thought the book would be a good one to put on the list. I dove into the 600 pages on Christmas afternoon. I knew that the holidays were going to be some key reading time for me and I had to get through the book soon.

I soon realized that I could not put it down if I had wanted to. Pearl and Serene are as personable and engaging on paper as they are in person. I loved the review of most of the popular diets around today and how they each affected our health. The health junkie side of me was thrilled!

I was quick to shake my head at the short cut tips offered since I was sure I would not use any of those. I made it mid-book and was happy to see that half of the book was recipes! The chapters at the back were extremely interesting and pertinent to me in their discussions of exercise, hormones, and marital relationships (SEX).

I started my THM (Trim Healthy Mama) journey the second week of January. I’ve lost 18 pounds so far. It has been exactly as the book promised, slow and steady and healthy. I’ve had weeks where slow and steady wasn’t fast enough for me and I’d feel some frustration, but push through anyway to find I’d lost another pound. On my super Mom busy weeks, I’ve been so very thankful for the short cut tips!  I’ve never been hungry or felt deprived. In fact, I’ve had to teach myself to eat fats again and enjoy them after 20 years of avoiding them or feeling guilty about them.

Pearl and Serene have written this so that anyone can do this. From fast food friendly to healthy households, everyone can eat the Trim Healthy Mama way.  The chapters are fun and easy to read and the recipes are easy to follow and YUMMY! The online support community is amazing. I truly am thankful to be a THM girl!

Christi Lachney – Montgomery, Tx.


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We are not affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama nor endorsed by them. As with all resources, you should review them with care. We have done our best to make the recipes and all menu plans THM compliant in an effort to assist you on your journey.

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