The Top 7 Tips for THM

The Top 7 Tips to Make the

Trim Healthy Mama Plan & Your Life Easier



We love the gift that Pearl and Serene have given to all of us Mama’s who have struggled to find the perfect plan, that would not only help us loose those extra pounds, but also have a lifestyle change that would benefit our health and that of our families as well!

We are thrilled about the amazing recipes in the book and those shared across the internet from so many great websites! Here at The Laundry Moms we are excited to share not only a THM friendly recipe each Thursday, but also help us welcome the Trim Healthy Mama Minute each Monday where we will be sharing some great tips that have helped us on our THM journey and we hope they will help you too!

meggan_5#1-READ the THM Book

I know this seems so ridiculously simple…but it’s true

The Book is a MUST read!

Please don’t just skip to the recipes to see if

You think you like them… the book has invaluable information that will transform not just your figure, but

your life! Read it through at least once to get an over view of the plan & then we highly suggest reading

chapters that stick out to you again. The content is priceless and will absolutely change your life for the


#2-Join the Trim Healthy Mama private Facebook group!

The support you will receive is AMAZING!

Just seeing the questions that come through are terrific to glean from in your own journey!

This is not a quick weight loss plan, and having the input of those who have walked the road before is key

in keeping you on track!

#3-Organize your book to make finding your S, E, & FP Meals Faster!

Lots of Mama’s have had their books spiral bound at the office supply, or local printer.

This is great for quick access in the kitchen or just easier to hold when you sit down to reread those

favorite chapters! Plus other Mama’s have taken it a step further and actually added colored tabs for the S,

E & FP meals. It doesn’t matter how you tweak the book to find what you need when you need it but be

sure and make it your own…with quick easy access!

#4- The Top MUST Have Items in your Kitchen:

A Blender (we love the Vita-mix) & With this link you can get the best price on a Certified Reconditioned Unit!

(Vita-mix Even Offers a Payment Plan if You Call Them & Tell Them The Laundry Moms Sent You!

Almond Milk

Whey Protein Powder

THM Plan Approved Sweeteners

Cream Cheese

1% Cottage Cheese

Heavy Whipping Cream


Cocoa Powder

Coconut Oil

Almond Flour

Flax Meal


#5-Quick Reference Exercise Guide to Speed Your Metabolism:

Don’t worry about having to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment with the Trim Healthy Mama Plan!

These ladies understand what it means to have only 10-20 minutes all throughout the day while running a

busy household! The focus here is just to get moving!

Our Favorite Tips:

Play with the kids outside (jump roap, jump or the mini-tramp!)

Do a 5 minute intensive exercise burst

Take 2 grams of L-glutamine with sparkling water

A (S) Protein meal or snack after a workout is best

Drink plenty of water!

#6-Focus on Fuel Pull Snacks between meals-

If you need a snack, the great thing about the Fuel Pull snacks is you don’t have to count how many hours

since your last meal and remember which meal type it was…especially when your new to the plan.

Just grab one of our favorite Fuel Pull Snacks and keep on going!

Slick Trick Slimming Desserts (pg.366-367)

Fat Stripping Frappa (pg. 240)

Greek Yogurt Swirls ( pg. 250-253)

Tummy Tucking Ice Cream (pg. 368)

Cottage Berry Whip (pg. 379)

Kale Chips (pg. 391)

Cookie Bowl Oatmeal (pg.232)

#7-Get Started & Have a Buddy Join YOU!

That’s right…just jump in!…it’s OK if you don’t do everything perfectly! Give yourself some room to mess

up…and just get back on track!

You will learn to tweak the plan to your lifestyle and really make it convenient for you! The best thing

about Trim Healthy Mama is it’s so very doable for a mom especially with a family!

So grab a friend …since it’s nice to have someone along with you as you will be making changes together!

and then just get going on this new life style because we KNOW you will see RESULTS!

the laundry moms


We are not affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama nor endorsed by them. As with all resources, you should review them with care. We have done our best to make the recipes and all menu plans THM compliant in an effort to assist you on your journey.

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