Training Children for the Real World

It was the beginning of the new year and I realized it was time to stop the insanity, and even though I could do 27 different projectsit didn’t mean I should! So began the search high and low for a part-time office assistant. Little did I know what I was in for, and through the fiasco the realization hit mekids are not prepared for the working world in this day and age!

I started by asking around for ANY referralswhich led tonothing. Next I asked friends for any relatives looking for workI was starting to get desperateand nadanot-a-thing. Then someone suggested I put an ad in the local college job classifieds! Bingothe calls, emails and texts started coming in, and interviews were scheduled!

I was so excited to meet these potential assistants face to face! Fresh out of college and brimming with the hope of an exciting future, eager to share their dreams and goals in a new position gleaming with a “conquer the world” attitude!

First appointment: I set up at the local coffee shop (because I work from home, and needed to make sure I was not going to be bringing any serial killers into our home to be around the kids, right?) Hhhhmmm….so I waitedwell everyone can be a few minutes late, I reasonedtraffic happensuuhmmm…..but not 30 minutes unless you were in an accident! Plus, you always call!and then reality hit me….


this first prospect had the audacity to NO SHOW the interviewWOW! I was floored!


Ok, ok……I regained my composer and prepared for interview number two: A precious young man, who even showed up to the appointment on-time. The interview began, So tell me a little bit about yourself, I asked, and what do you like to do for fun? Well, he began, I really like to play video games for fun.

Oh really, well tell me about your favorite video game, leaning forward and wanting to be interested in his world. What stunned me was when I asked what it was he liked most about this particular gameand he answered with the delusional statement that in this fake world he could become anyone or do anything he could imagine! WOWreally??? I thought that wasreal life!

Momma’s please hear my heartI did finally find part-time help whom I love and adore and I am so thankful! It’s incredible to find helping hands who serve diligently with a happy heart  meeting the needs we have in the office, but my heart literally broke for these kids who are coming out of a college environment with little to no skill for interviewing in the real world.

These are just a few challenges I encountered which provoked some radical changes in how we will train our kids and their thinking before they actually fly the nest!


Working in the Real World 101

  1. A drivers license is an important tool– (Yes, I actually had someone ask me if this would be necessary because at 23 they did NOT have one!)
  2. Look people in the eye when you talk to them and smile.
  3. Do NOT ask to check your voice mail to listen to the phone call you just missed (in fact please turn your phone OFF)
  4. Do not show up late everyday during your trial period. (Being on time is a valuable trait!)
  5. Know which way the mouse works for the computer.
  6. Know the basics of how to work a label maker.
  7. Know the basics of Microsoft Word.
  8. Know the basics of Microsoft Excel.
  9. Know where addresses go on snail mail correspondence.
  10. And remember if you can NOT make the interview-PLEASE CALL!


These are just a few practical tips from my experience in interviewing the up and coming 20somethings looking for a job in the real world, and my hope is that if we can at least take some of these real life situations and better prepare our kids at home they will be that much further ahead of the game!

Remember, common sense these days does not seem to be so common, so we must takes the extra steps necessary to instill training and integrity in our kids and then they will be ready for their first big break in life… out there in the real world!



Laundry Mom Angela-Angela

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