Too Sexy for Debt

Yes…I said it…the sexy word…can you believe sexy and debt can go in the same sentence? My life and thought patterns have definitely changed over the last few years. The way we think about money, what we dwell on and what we think is important… have all had a major overhaul!

Have you ever thought you just needed to buy something so badly…that IT was so important and then after the purchase a few days or weeks later…you realize it was NOT that important and the buyers remorse set in? We have all had feelings like this and so what I slowly started to realize is that some things really are just not that important in the big picture…and they sure don’t give you the feeling of FREEDOM like being out of debt does! And that my friend creates a whole new level of sexy confidence!…all of a sudden you don’t feel like a slave any more! You have choices, and no heavy burden weighing you down!

Get Out of Debt, War on Debt, Debt Freedom

Well…after being raised with parents that accumulated debt, and then going to college and having student loans…marrying my Cowboy in Shinning Armor and being in debt for over 17 years of marriage…living with debt just seemed like a normal part of life…..IT’S NOT…I now KNOW that I KNOW….there is NOTHING like owing NO MAN NO THING!

You see having the money does not mean I have to spend the money! Learning to create a wealth account and make that money start working for us is a whole new ball game! I want to encourage you this week to really determine in your heart that 2013 IS the year that you and your family will take the steps towards debt freedom!

There are a whole host of momma’s out there with the same focus, and together we can do it and create a much better and brighter future for our kids and the generations that will follow. ( yes…that would be our grandchildren! Yikes! even though I still feel 28 on the inside…I know this season is coming and I want my babies…babies to not have a debt burden!)

Check out this hilarious video that shares the feeling of exhilaration about being debt FREE and really shows off how Stacy is TOO SEXY for Debt!

Hope you enjoyed LOL this week on Movie Monday! And don’t forget to get our free gift for jump starting your 2013 debt free plan, and then come on over to Facebook & tell us how your putting that plan into action!


The Laundry Moms want to share some of our favorite resources for changing your thinking about money and living the debt free lifestyle! These books have impacted our lives and we know they will also make a difference in the way you view the families finances and your future!


LM-Angela-150x150Laundry Mom~Angela ♥

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