How many times do you do this?

• Stuff yourself with junk food and tell yourself that you are going to start a diet tomorrow?

• Take on too much at work and tell yourself that you are going to lighten up your load tomorrow?

• Look around at that messy house and tell yourself that you are going to straighten it all up tomorrow?

• Forget to play with your kids or spend quality time together and tell yourself that you are going to spend better time with them tomorrow?

• Squeeze into those pants and tell yourself that you are going to start exercising tomorrow?

If there were one word that destroys more good intentions, it would have to be the word, “TOMORROW.”

There are three main reasons why “tomorrow” never, ever works…


1. Tomorrow treats the symptoms without offering up a cure. The problem is that we feel guilty. We feel guilty about eating too much, taking on too much at work, keeping the house messy, not spending quality time with our kids, or letting ourselves get out of shape. The guilt grates on us and we need some type of solution. “Tomorrow” works because it instantly relieves the horrible guilt that we are feeling. However, like any symptomatic treatment, the condition only worsens until the cure is applied. The cure? Action! Instead of a mental band-aid, immediate action is the best way to cure the guilt. Eating junk food? Go ahead and plan a healthy dinner that include fresh veggies. Too much at work? Send an e-mail to the boss and propose a plan that lessens the load. Not enough quality time? Stop what you are doing and play some checkers. Out of shape? Get up and do some jumping jacks.

2. Tomorrow is a promise that does not carry the obligation of fulfillment. The trick to saying “tomorrow” is that it does not require any effort on our part to fulfill anything. Every positive and productive thing in life takes effort, sometimes over quite a long period of time. The effort is daunting, so by saying “tomorrow” the pressure is relieved. We push the process further away from us and in doing so, we push the goal further away as well. If our goals and our objectives are ever going to be met, the process needs to begin right now—today.

3. Tomorrow does not exist in the physical realm. Sure, it sounds good and we certainly expect it to come. But the truth is that tomorrow does not exist. If we want tangible results than we need tangible solutions. We need something physical, something that exists right here, right now. That’s why it is so vital to take action on your goals immediately. Action puts feet to your dreams and foundations to your castles in the air. You deserve the best and you can achieve the best. But tomorrow is not a solution. The solution exists in the here and now.

The answer?


Let your TOMORROW promises be replaced with NOW solutions. What are your goals, your dreams, your desires? There is an action that you can take right now that will bring those desires closer to you. Tomorrow will push them away. You deserve to live your very best life in 2014… so begin it today!


LM-HannahLaundry Mom~Hannah♥

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