Tinsel Time

So, confession time:

I am not a particularly crafty mama.

Glitter, glue, paper, pipe cleaners and foamy shapes kind of stress me out!  I do love working with my hands:  knitting, sewing, digging in the garden, and playing with pens, paper and paint bring me a lot of joy.  But sitting with the little ones and “doing a craft”- not so much.

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The Truth is in the Tinsel

Until now.  When I came upon Truth in the Tinsel while perusing blogs last week, I was struck by how simple and fun this re-telling of the Christmas story looked.  Spiritual truths, easy applications and yes- a little craft to go along with each one. I even surprised myself with how excited I was to take this on this holiday season.

And so, we have dived in since December 1st. We’ve ripped tissue paper, cut templates, crafted crowns, painted and glued sequins, all in the first few days!  Best of all, my enthusiastic Kindergartener and Grade 2’er are loving the stories and the reading of scripture. They are thriving in the hands-on crafting time as we sit down together, and are begging for more of the stories when it’s time to wrap up for the morning.

It’s not too late to download a copy and enjoy this simple re-telling of the Christmas story with your little ones. Especially written for 3-7 year olds, these are the perfect short daily activities and stories to keep their attention, while sowing seeds of Truth and Hope deep into their hearts. And making memories with them that will stand out in their minds as they grow!

Check it out- and come visit on both The Laundry Moms and Truth in the Tinsel Facebook pages to share your stories and crafting successes!



Laundry Mom~Kali ♥

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