Three Mothers…

Once a woman came upon three mothers at work.  “What are you doing?” she asked them.

“I’m doing the weekly washing,” answered the first.

“I’m doing a bit of household drudgery,” replied the second.

“I’m mothering three young children who some day will fill important and useful spheres in life, and wash-day is a part of my grand task in caring for these souls who shall live forever,” replied the third. Only she had caught the vision of the great work she was doing.     Anon <via Soul Sculpture copyright 1957>

Perspective shapes the attitude FOR SURE! And if we could just understand like this third mother that the way we go about out chores with our family speaks of love or disdain of their presence in our home. The family members that reside under our roofs presently are just passing through. That’s the thing about life.

Seasons change situations.

If you were to lose any of those family members to a tragic accident tomorrow, what would you regret? Make the necessary changes TODAY.                                                                        We have been put in their lives for a reason.

Let’s make a difference.

We, as moms, have the opportunity to sow strength and vision into the souls that live with us; simply by the way we treat them and the belongings that come with them.  This is a passing opportunity that not all women have the privilege of gaining.

The next time you see your laundry room over flowing with an abundance of dirty clothes, thank the Lord that He trusted YOU with the souls that own the items.

Sing rather than complain.

Pray rather than fuss.

Our children will mirror our actions with the grandchildren we love. Let’s model well how to love in the menial tasks life requires.


Happy Wash Day!


Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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5 comments on “Three Mothers…

  1. Sandy says:

    Thank You!!

  2. Just what I needed this morning.

  3. kali says:

    My mind needs a constant washing of this TRUTH- thank-you for speaking it & living it Terri!

  4. Janis says:

    Oh how I struggle with this! It’s not the laundry I mind. It’s being “behind”. The mound of laundry appears to me as a reflection on my own successes and failures as a wife and mother. How do you separate the mound of laundry (that I didn’t get to today … or yesterday) from the message of success/failure? It’s this one thing that seems to be what constantly drowns out my messages of love to my children. I want so badly for them not to feel like I think they are a burden to me, but I’m afraid that’s the message I am giving when I struggle over my perceived failures. And it’s not just the laundry. It’s the kitchen, the bathroom, the…

    • Terri Bonin says:

      Janis, we simply cannot get weighed down by work that is NOT GOING AWAY. Remember the work will always be here, but the kids won’t. It is our job to show them how to celebrate small accomplishments and that work can be done with a joyful heart. We teach them so much by having joy throughout the day in ALL of our tasks. If we choose Joy and not drudgery (even when we didn’t measure up to the standard we set for ourselves) we will shape productive kids who will enjoy their work, too.

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