THINKING about Homeschool?

Do you know a homeschooler? 

Have you ever thought about homeschooling your own kids?

Does the thought scare you to death, or is it waking you up at night?

 Is it something you just can’t seem to shake?

Are your kids struggling in their current school?  Or maybe they are gifted and talented and needing more challenge?  Do they eagerly look forward to this coming school year, or does anxiousness permeate your home? 

The Laundry Moms realize that our audience reaches ALL moms across the country.  We understand that geography, finances, family dynamics, and personal convictions all play a role in helping families decide how to educate their children. 

We are not here to judge, but to encourage.  I’m speaking today to the ones who have been pricked by the Holy Spirit to consider this option.

Am I speaking to you? 


Like Joshua and Caleb, I’m here to tell you, that though there are some ‘Giants’ in the land of home education , there is also TREMENDOUS FRUIT.  It is the modern day land of milk and honey. 

At least it is in Texas.

For now.

Today I worked at a statewide homeschooling convention in The Woodlands, Texas and was overwhelmed by the number of families who are pulling their kids out of public school for the very first time.

And have decided to homeschool.

I talked to family after family who all told me similar stories.

My child is falling behind

He’s energetic and they want us to put him on drugs

We never see our children

Our kids are in gymnastics, sports, theater, (you name it) and they are exhausted. 

“What is your biggest concern?” I asked these young pioneers.

“We’re worried we won’t choose the right curriculum.”


THAT’S your biggest concern?  WOW

Not, we are worried they will be introduced to drugs, or that they won’t make friends, or that they will be bullied. 


They want to be sure to pick the right math books.


I am encouraged.

I loved hearing this common refrain today. 

Speaking to all these brave young families made me think about my own personal journey into home education.  I remember vividly a speaker at another homeschooling conference years ago who encouraged the families to write down their vision for homeschooling.  I was exhorted to jot it somewhere I could look back and read one day. Today, I pulled out a journal that was dated August of 1997 where I titled it:

Why I want to homeschool

I want to be able to homeschool my children because I enjoy their company so very much.  I want to be able to feed them more and more knowledge as they hunger and thirst for it and not have them have to constantly wait on other children in class to ‘catch up’. I want to be able to have FUN teaching them new and exciting things.  I want to have control over who their friends are while they are so young and impressionable.  I want to be able to teach them Godly values and virtuous characteristics.  I love the idea of a real school at home and I pray that if it be the will of the Lord, He will provide the curriculum and resources we need.    ~August 1997 

At the time, my children were 4, 2, and 10 months old.  This journal actually makes me weep today when I look back at it, because now at 20, that brilliant four year old is an amazing woman, a college graduate and happily married to the man of her dreams.  That 2 year old stands 6’4” tall, runs his own piano studio at 18, and is a sophomore in college heartily pursuing a music degree.  The 10 month old is a beautiful, stately, and godly teen who wants to devote her life to special needs children and serve on the mission field. 

And there are five more kids coming up behind them. 

Though one chapter may be over for my first born, more is continually being written.  Our family can say with all certainty that we have NO REGRETS.   Yes, my husband and I have been home educating for over 17 years and still have 7 more kids at home, the youngest only 2 years old. We barely vacation, spend long hours teaching, training, and mentoring kids. We don’t wear rose colored glasses, but are actually still in the trenches. 

However, I feel as if I have been given a tremendous gift in this season of my life.  To be able to look at my oldest and see beautiful fruit, then down to my youngest and see all the years of sowing and pruning ahead…

I’m encouraged. 

If you are THINKING at all about home education…

Come on over to the Promise Land.  The valley is vast, the labor is hard, the future is bright, the fruit is GIGANTIC, and the Journey is unforgettable! 

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