The Squash Flood

The Squash Flood

by Hannah Keeley

It’s the middle of summer in Virginia; and when the heat hits the garden, the squash begin taking on a life of their own. At any time, I’m afraid they’re going to stand up, walk to the window, beat on it with their shiny yellow fists, and yell, “Hey! Come pick me, Woman!”

Squash are like that.

One day, they’re tiny little innocent gourds. The next day…

The Squash Flood


…they’re big enough to serve as life rafts. I have so much squash in my fridge right now I feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump, just replace the shrimp with squash.

“What are we having for dinner, Mama?”

Take your pick—

            Squash Casserole           

            Roasted Squash

            Squash Fritters

            Grilled Squash

            Fried Squash

            Squash Kabobs

…And the list goes on! Evidently, it’s harvest season around here. And whether you plant a garden or not, you should be seeing a harvest in your life as well!

Amos 9:13 tells us, “’The time will come,’ says the Lord, ‘when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested.’”

The harvest season is the busiest season on the farm (and in the family). If you have sown a seed of time, money, or energy, then it’s time to reap a harvest in your life. Many people give and give, planting seed upon seed. They sow time into their homes, money into ministry, energy into their family, but they don’t roll up their sleeves and put any action into harvesting the return.

Here’s what I want you to understand:

The squash ain’t gonna pick itself!

I don’t know how to grow squash. All I know how to do is plant the seeds, weed the garden, and keep it watered. God is the one who does the growing. And then after he does the growing, the work falls in my lap again. I have to do the picking. The same rules apply to reaping a harvest in your life.

You do the planting.

God does the growing.

You do the picking.

“But, Hannah,” you’re thinking. “That’s God’s job. He is the one who blesses me and He will bring it to me when it’s the right time.”

What if He already is? Scripture tells us that “one who sleeps during harvest is a disgrace” (Proverbs 10:5). What if your harvest (your blessing) is already there, but you’re sleeping away the time while the fruit rots on the vine? The fruit is ready. It’s ripe. But you’ve got to do the picking.

How do we do that? With our words. We call that harvest in! I wish I could stand on my back porch and yell out, “Squash! Come on in! It’s harvest time,” and they would twist off the vine and march through the door. It doesn’t happen that way with squash, but it sure does with God’s blessings. We have to get up, stand on the Word of God, and call in the harvest!

Start using your words. If you have sown time into your home, call in that blessing—“Home, I declare you blessed! You are a refuge and a haven! According to Psalm 122:7, there is peace within your walls and security within your towers.”

If you have sown money into ministry, call in that blessing—“Finances, I declare you blessed! I am reaping the harvest of the tither. According to Malachi 3:10, the floodgates are open and an overflow of financial blessing is being poured out into my life.”

If you have sown energy into your family, call in that blessing—“Family, I declare you blessed! According to Psalm 127:5, my children are a blessing from the Lord. They will rise up and honor God with their lives.”

Do you see the difference? Harvest season is a busy time. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get out there, and bring in your blessing. Instead of waiting on God to plop it in your lap, open up your mouth and call it in.

After all, the blessing ain’t gonna pick itself!

~ Hannah


Hannah Keeley was once in overwhelmed mom living in a cluttered house, deep in debt, out of shape, and barely hanging on. But one day, after finding herself sobbing uncontrollably into a pile of clean laundry, she realized God has bigger and better plans for her (just like He does for each one of His children). Beginning that day, she began making changes in her life that took her from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Today, she’s helping moms do the same. Hannah, her husband, Blair, and their seven children live in Richmond, Virginia, and are having the time of their lives!

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