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How much mom’s do…

I remember the days when I would come home from school and change clothes for cheerleading practice or work and somehow I always seemed to have clean clothes to wear.  I was one of those teenagers that would try on my entire wardrobe to find the perfect outfit to wear…

The mounds of clothes would quickly pile up on the floor and amazingly I still seemed to have enough clothes to wear each day, and somehow my room seemed to stay clean!  I was 18 years old when I moved out of my mom’s house and it didn’t take long for me to wonder why my room was so messy?

My mom had always told me that I was a “slob” but I didn’t take her seriously.  Then, I started thinking she was right!  I could not keep up with the mounds of clothes that I had everywhere from my bedroom floor to my bathroom.  The only way I could keep my apartment looking decent is to gather the clothes together in one big pile and cram them in my closet.  This quickly became the way I would “clean”.

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After getting married to the love of my life, my habits of shoving all my dirty or clean clothes in one pile and using the “sniff” method to determine what was clean or dirty didn’t seem to go over very well.

My husband Bill lived with his mother until he was 26!  His father worked over seas and Bill went to a local university. It worked out well for Bill to live at home with his mom even after graduating college.  I tell him he just had it too good at home to leave.  His mother just so happened to be the opposite of me.  She always has her laundry together and her house is always perfect.

Poor guy went from living with his “perfect” homemaking mom to living with his new “messy” wife. When Bill realized my problem of keeping up with my own laundry much less his, he expressed to me that his mother did not do things that way.  I did not like being compared to how his mother did things and I was desperate for a solution…  I quickly became a fan of taking almost everything to the dry cleaners!

The dry cleaners worked for a while but eventually I had to learn to overcome my battle with clothes.  Thankfully I have improved in this area and looking back now I laugh on how much I have changed in the nine years we have been married.  Now, not only do I  keep up with our laundry we have added four kiddos to the mix.

Although there is plenty room for improvement I feel I have come a long way and hopefully I am a better helpmate to my husband.  The funny thing is, I didn’t even know what a helpmate was when we were first married.

It has taken the Lord to show me that it is an honor to not only wash my husband’s clothes but to iron them too!  I can honestly say that I have not taken one thing to the dry cleaners in four years… now that alone is a miracle!!

Instead of dreading the piles of laundry and clothes that need to be ironed, I remind myself to be thankful that the Lord has blessed me with four amazing kids and a loving husband.  I have found I can do ALL things through Christ, even laundry!  All I know is that if the Lord can teach me to be more like my mom and mother in law that there is hope for anyone…

Laundry Mom~Christina♥

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