The Sleep Remedy

The Sleep Remedy
by Ashley Knight


Before I had kids, I thought I knew what it meant to be exhausted. I would hike mountains, run marathons and work long hours in an office. I was pretty worn out but that was nothing compared to the exhaustion we feel as parents. After days of being woken up at night, chasing children for hours and carrying them here, there and everywhere, we are truly exhausted. That’s why a sleep remedy sounds like a dream come true. We all need sleep and what’s good for the mama is good for the family. Everyone has heard of lavender and how it helps us sleep better, but you may not have heard of this sleep remedy.

I’m talking about…

The Sleep Remedy

… cedarwood essential oil.

Cedarwood essential oil has a rich, woodsy aroma and can be used for much more than sleep but let’s start with it’s amazing ability to soothe the body to sleep. I read many testimonials but these stood out to me as sweet and relatable.

I love this testimonial because it was so sweet to picture this loving husband applying oils to his wife so she could sleep well.

“My wife has suffered for many years from not being able to sleep well. I have found the solution to her problem. It is simple. She lies on her tummy at bedtime and straightens her neck. I put two drops of Young Living Cedarwood oil on the ’dimple’ at the base of her skull and rub it in there and along the back of her neck below. I take the remnant of the Cedarwood oil and rub it behind both of her ears. Then I may or may not put a single drop of the same oil on the bottoms of each of her feet and rub it in. Without exception, she is sound asleep in 4 to 5 minutes and sleeps soundly through the night, feeling rested in the morning. I feel that the oil on her neck is perfectly sufficient to put her to sleep. That on the bottoms of her feet is for her body in general.
It definitely is the oil that is doing this. I am sure that there are many other physical needs of this kind that Young Living oils can help as well as my wife’s sleeping problem.”

I could definitely relate to this testimonial. In my dreams, my daughters share our bed and we all sleep soundly, however that is never the reality. In those weak moments when we bring one of our girls into our bed, no one sleeps.

“I had been having trouble sleeping at night. It was not a problem for me to fall asleep. However, if I woke and needed to use the bathroom or if my children came to get in bed with my husband and me, I just could not fall back to sleep. I decided to try Cedarwood and Vetiver essential oils. I applied just one drop on each of my big toes before heading to bed for the night. The key for me was being all ready for bed because I would be asleep before I knew it! I had heard about this combination from a dear friend, and it worked instantly. I also noticed that I am having a much deeper sleep. I have felt so much more rested when I wake in the morning because I am not up and down all night. “
-Charleen H.

I will be rubbing cedarwood on the feet of every member of my family tonight in the hopes that we all get some much-needed rest.

Now let’s address some other wonderful uses of cedarwood essential oil. We like to use it in our homemade deodorant because of it’s lovely earthy scent. It’s also effective in our homemade bug repellent. I mix cedarwood, lemongrass, citronella, and eucalyptus in a spray bottle with water. I feel safe using this repellent on our kids and reapply it often. Another great use for cedarwood essential oil is to use it to smooth the look of your skin and make your hair shine. Finally, it can be used for cellulite. Dilute it with a carrier oil and rub it into the areas where it’s needed.

With it’s ability to encourage deep, restful sleep and so many other uses, cedarwood essential oil has become a part of our must-have essential oils. If you would like to learn more about essential oils, please head over to TheDropsofJoy.org.


Ashley KnightAshley Knight is married to her best friend and husband, Nick, and mama to two sweet, joyful girls, Grace and Finnegan. She is passionate about living a holistic lifestyle, travel, Young Living essential oils and products, eating whole foods, serving others and learning about God’s magnificent, undeserved Grace.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ashley’s lived in Texas for 5 years now and has officially picked up Y’all and Sir/Ma’am but will always be a native Arizonan. When not chasing or nursing a little one, Ashley is reading and learning how to support her family’s health and wellness with Young Living’s diverse products and pure essential oils.

Disclaimer: I am a Mom who is passionate about using natural products to improve the health of her family, but I’m not a medical professional. The information in the blog is for educational information only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease, illness or injury should consult a physician.

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