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I’m lazy at heart. No, maybe it’s the opposite: I’m addicted to activity. Whichever fact is true, one of these conclusions makes me a Shortcut Queen. I hunt for ways to shorten ANY activity, and ALL routines: from working out to putting away laundry. I lung around the kitchen while I cook to cut down on my exercise time in the evenings, and I throw socks in a basket, to negate sorting and matching after the dry cycle. If an activity can be trimmed to bare bones, I’ll find a way. Whether finishing my work early or squeezing more activity in is the goal, I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to get things done faster and more efficiently.

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So this past Thanksgiving I invested in several dozen BEAUTIFUL cloth napkins in an assortment of colors and patterns in an attempt to cut down on shopping for gorgeous paper ones each year. These napkins looked like a million bucks fanned out in a fancy fold on the 3 large tables set for 30 guests. The meal tasted sweeter and the coffee blacker, because of the stunning napkins resting in each guest’s lap. Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but the napkins DID top off the look.

However, AFTER the meal, the pristinely set tables no longer spoke of elegance and beauty, but instead resembled a table top hurricane disaster. How do things fall apart so easily? While I pondered these thoughts and eyed the hand washing in front of me, the discarded napkins caught my attention and for a brief moment I suffered buyer’s remorse.

I’m going to have to wash, dry, and IRON these babies.


After I recovered from Thanksgiving Day, (Does anyone else have to “recover” from Thanksgiving?) I immediately began to research dry cleaning cloth napkins and wouldn’t you know, it can be done at HOME!


I found a few different brands of dry cleaning kits that can be tossed in the dryer AT HOME. The BOUNCE 15 minute Dry Cleaner Kit earned my purchase. I like the smell of BOUNCE and the price is right. When the box arrived, I wasted no time, but grabbed the cloth napkins, spot cleaned obvious stains, then tossed them in the dryer with the Dry Cleaner Cloth. Honestly, I felt like the joke was on me, cleaning cloth in the dryer, but the napkins came out beautifully and I only had to spritz wrinkle release two of them.

Mission accomplished. Chore completed. Now onto the nest task.

Lazy at heart or addicted to activity, it doesn’t matter. I get things done FAST!



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