The Secrets of Success for Moms on Mother’s Day

The Secrets of Success for Moms on Mother’s Day

 By Rhonda Stoppe


Do you find yourself evaluating how you are doing as a mom around Mother’s Day? I do. Maybe your kids send you thoughtful cards–or these days most likely they send cute “selfies” with a post about how much they appreciate all you do for them as a mom.

Any mom would agree there is no gift more treasured than having your kids tell you how much they love and appreciate you. I was blessed and inspired by a recent daughter’s post on social media to her mother––The Laundry Mom, Angela Rose.

It read…Secrets5

 “To the most incredible mom and best friend. I couldn’t do life without you (literally)…

I love you to the moon and back mama! thank you for everything you do for us and for always helping me to chase my dreams.”


What a tribute! Truly this daughter’s words personifies Proverbs 31:28: Her children rise up and call her blessed.

Mom, amidst the late night feedings, thankless hours of carpooling, and/or ungrateful years of raising adolescents, do you long for the day when your child will say such things to you?

While words of encouragement from our kids are always welcome. And helping our kids “chase their dreams” can be incredibly rewarding. How can a mom measure her success? As mothers, we need to be wise about how we measure our success.



First we must answer the question “What is success?” Ken Sande, author of The Peace Maker, says,

The world defines success in terms of what a person possesses, controls, or accomplishes. God defines success in terms of faithful obedience to His will. The world asks, ‘What results have you achieved?’ God asks, ‘Were you faithful to my ways?’…He asks for only one thing–obedience to His revealed will. ‘Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man’ (Eccles. 12:13).

Your success as a mother does not depend upon what your children choose to do with their lives. Rather, according to Scripture, success lies in your obedience to God–in what you chose to do with your life.



God has called you to the ministry of motherhood. And with that calling He has provided the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you in your journey. By being committed to know God through His word, you will grow to love Him more each day, and when you love God properly, you will love your children correctly. And you will parent without regrets.

The Lord has provided tools for you to do well in your calling. By daily communing with Him through the Bible, prayer, worship, and fellowship with the godly mentors, you will be fully equipped for this incredible privilege of bringing up your kids, because God will work through you to raise them for His glory-not your own.



Dr. Howard Hendricks, author of Teaching to Change Lives, says:

The key is not what you do for God but what you allow Him to do through you. God wants to use you as His catalyst–and as you let Him transform and renew your thinking, you’ll be ready for His use.

When you allow God to transform and renew you as a mom, He can use your passionate life to incite your children to follow Him as well. And when your kids follow Christ, He will guide them toward success.

So mom, in this Mother’s Day season, remember not to measure how well you are doing by how your kids are performing. Rather, weigh yourself against God’s definition of success. As you continue to walk faithful to His ways, the Lord is free to work through your obedient life so you can parent with NO REGRETS.





October-2011-131Rhonda Stoppe teaches women to LIVE LIFE WITH NO REGRETS. With more than 20 years experience of helping women build a life with no-regrets.

Rhonda is an enthusiastic communicator who unfolds the doctrine of Scripture with a contagious passion for Truth, as she teaches and challenges her listeners to connect with God in an intimate walk of obedience. Rhonda encourages and inspires women to LIVE DELIBERATELY to become the women God intends them to be. Recently, Rhonda spoke at Valley Home Educators Convention, and at Spirit West Coast.

Rhonda is the author of MOMS RAISING SONS TO BE MEN, a book published by Harvest House Publishers. Women are drawn to Rhonda’s ability to weave biblical truth into everyday issues, which has led readers to make her book sell an average of 1000 books per month. She is currently writing her next book for Harvest House. She teaches on this and other topics at women’s events throughout the country. She spends much of her time mentoring women and counseling along side her husband, Pastor at First Baptist Church Patterson, CA.

To hear Rhonda’s recent radio appearance How Moms Can Find Purpose and Passion listen HERE!





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