The Sapphire’s Closet

The Sapphire’s Closet
-Part 2-
by Linda Potgieter

Last week we started talking about why your personality is so intricately connected to your sense of fashion. And we explored the 1st of the 4 Style Profiles, the Emerald. This week it’s all about the Sapphire – the total opposite of the Emerald.

If some of your clothes are on the floor, if your packing is usually last minute, if time management and scheduling do not come naturally to you, then there’s a pretty good chance you have a good dose of Sapphire running through your veins…and your wardrobe!

Fashion is a…

The Sapphire's Closet


…relationship builder, friend, and as we explore these 4 primary personalities together, it is my hope that not only will you identify your primary style, but that you will start developing stronger relationship skills through fashion. It’s a fascinating journey!

My beautiful young friend, Sarena Jo, is a Sapphire – the first thing you notice about what she’s wearing is always her smile. In fact, the smile is #30 on our 30-item Capsule Wardrobe list (available in video workshop format on the LindaPaige YouTube account). The smile is an essential part of every woman’s outfit and is the very thing that builds bridges with other women. So the Sapphire is blessed with an extra dose of joy and optimism, and this is where the 4 personalities are so key to wardrobe because we can learn a lot from one another.

Sarena is a beautiful blonde (sometimes brunette & sometimes pink!) who wears color better than most women I know. She is not afraid to try new things and even ‘though sometimes she doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd, her love for color and fun is too strong! She also knows that she can learn a lot from her opposite personality, the Emerald, to bring more budgeting and organization into her closet.

So, join us as we spend a little time on the Sapphire’s wardrobe. You might have an ‘aha!’ moment about yourself or someone in your life! The most precious thing about the GEMS© Style Profile is that there is no right or wrong way – each is valuable and lovable. But I believe wholeheartedly that once we understand fashion better, we understand one another better!




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