The Laundry SCARE!

I have a friend,

Yes, she is a real friend, but she will most definitely remain nameless.

I’m writing this as both a testimony of the power of God’s protection, and a caution to other moms who are modern day heroes, juggling so many different needs and tasks.

My girlfriend is an amazing mom.  She engages her four kids on a daily basis.  She is active and present in their lives and pays close attention to their needs, hopes, and fears.  By all accounts, and by the testimony of her beautiful kids, she’s a model parent.

This particular day was a fluke.

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It was laundry day, and her dryer is a large capacity front loader.  She was talking to her toddler, who had just turned 2 years old,  about how the clothes go round and round.  Several loads had already been done and the toddler was very curious about the way the clothes were spinning when mom opened up the dryer to take out the warm clothes.

Her dryer was a little different than mine. I have to push a button that says “START” in order for it to work.  With hers, if the timer is set with more time on it, then all she has to do is shut the door and it will start up.  She loads the clothes into the dryer and is talking with her child like a normal day.  Then, she briefly stepped into the kitchen to pick up something after having loaded the dryer, and comes back in the laundry room where the door to the dryer is cracked open.  She walks by and shuts the door headed to the next room.



She’s IN THE DRYER!!!!

For that split second, this one mom felt what all of us have either had nightmares about, or actually experienced.


She grabbed open the door to the dryer and found a shaken up toddler, who had only been flipped once, startled and very HOT.  Thankfully there were no injuries and this split second did not last any longer.  But the mom told me that had she not HEARD her child’s THUMP she would have just kept walking.  There is no doubt that God has angels of protection over our children,  and gently leads us mommies too.

She later told me that her child was just so fascinated by the circular motion, that she just climbed right in and shut the door from the inside.  Just not all the way.  Then mom walked by and closed it out of habit.

It all happened so fast!

So moms, when you are serving your family by doing the weekly laundry, never underestimate the curiosity of the toddler.  And thank God for His watchful eyes and sovereign protection over our flock.

Laundry Mom~Erin♥


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