The Hurricane Closet…

Each summer I purge the house of all the extra junk it accumulates through out the school year. (And boy does it accumulate stuff.) We have a large walk-in closet that is referred to as The Hurricane Closet for more reasons than one.

Named originally because it stored emergency supplies in the case of a natural disaster such as: rice, beans, diaper wipes, peanut butter, a battery operated radio, etc. It started out neat and organized…a pleasure to walk into…a place of order and preparedness.

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But over time this closet became more than an emergency supply center. It gathered school papers, photos, Cotillion dresses, special birthday cards, home made art creations—anything that we felt attached to. Anything we dare not part with!!

So naming this space The Hurricane Closet was prophetic. It has looked more like a hurricane blew through it, whipping papers and random items around on shelves making it a danger zone and a door to remain closed when company entered the house.

The need to clean this closet has been LOOMING over me, HAUNTING my subconscious, NAGGING the back of my brain, THREATENING my pride in orderliness for TOO LONG. (Probably not the good pride, if I’m honest with myself.)

I have had this looming: “I better not get in a car wreck or a plane crash until this closet gets purged” feeling hanging over my head.

Surely you know what I mean. I bet you have the same space SOMEWHERE.

One out of eleven American households not only has a space like this, but a storage unit that holds the over flow from the home hurricane closet. We as a people are HOARDERS.


Most of the rest of the world barely has clothes, shoes, or a real house to live in, and one out of eleven Americans households pays monthly to STORE JUNK in a climate controlled environment!

Let’s challenge each other. If our treasured junk were sold on Craig’s List and the monthly storage fee put away in a savings account, there would be money enough to buy the needed items in the future, rather than a giant hurricane closet to be cleaned.

It feels like prudence to pay for a storage unit to keep paraphernalia, but more often than not, time wears on the items and they become unwanted or out of style by the time they are needed.

Therefore it is not prudence but wastefulness. Join me in the purging process. Get rid of some “stuff” this week that you have been hanging on to. You will feel a heap lighter in more ways than one.

Laundry Mom~Terri♥

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