The God of the Mundane

“The most extraordinary thing in the world, is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children.”  G.K. Chesterton

Laundry. Diapers. Breakfast. Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Dishes. Spelling. Math Facts. Dinner…..more Laundry…..

This Laundry Mom has just one question.

Is this all there is?


Lord, I hope so.

Because I serve The God of the Mundane.

Today, my pastor shared with the congregation a much needed message to mommas.

Our lives matter.

Our work matters.

Our days matter.

God sees us and loves us in the everyday, seemingly mundane tasks.

Do you feel like there is “something big” God wants you to do?  Do you feel condemned if you are not going on the latest mission trip your church is sponsoring?  Is there a constant nagging feeling in your soul that there is more to life than what you are doing?

Dear Sisters, let me share with you a precious little book that has encouraged and inspired me today and I hope will bless you as well.

The God of the Mundane, by Matthew B Redmond available on Kindle

My pastor introduced us to this powerful, little book this week.   Below are some popular quotes.

1. We are not saved from mediocrity and obscurity, the ordinary and the mundane. We are saved in the midst of it. We are not redeemed from the mundane. We are redeemed from the slavery of thinking our mundane life is not enough.

2. We think the small, mundane, ordinary things we do each and every day are worth nothing before God because they are worth nothing before the gods of this world.

3. But I say, be nobody special. Do your job. Take care of your family. Clean your house. Mow your yard. Read your Bible. Attend worship. Pray. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Love your spouse. Love your kids. Be generous. Laugh with your friends. Drink your wine heartily. Eat your meat lustily. Be honest. Be kind to your waitress. Expect no special treatment. And do it all quietly.

4. …are you willing to be numbered among the nameless believers in history who lived in obscurity?

5. In other words, we want to end war, hunger and poverty in our lifetime. But we do not possess the will to let someone merge in front of us in traffic, and do so with a smile.

6. This little book is not a call to do nothing. It is a call to be faithful right where you are, regardless of how mundane that place is.

7. Living quietly is a life so happy with the attention of God, that the attention of the world is not needed, and rarely enjoyed.

8. I missed the obvious: the Apostles are writing to normal people.

9. It is true Paul says to his readers, “imitate me…”[1] And he says it more than once. In each instance, Paul wants his readers to see that he is an example of what he is asking of them in that particular context. His life is consistent with what he is teaching. He isn’t out of step. But he never asks them to stop being who they are. He never challenges them to go anywhere. We don’t even get hints that lead us to believe he is making them feel guilty for living in comparative comfort compared to his lack of it. That’s weird. And it’s weird because this is so common in our pulpits and in conferences held for zealous college students.

10. I want to believe my faith in the gospel of grace is not limited to the “spiritual” things but is exploding onto every single mundane moment in my life. I want the shrapnel of this explosion to embed itself in every enjoyment, and failure, and celebration, and tragedy coming my way.


Precious Mommas, your labor is not in vain.  Today when you are changing the dirty diaper, wiping down the kitchen table, loading the next laundry basket, and taking out the overflowing garbage, all for the thousandth time, know that our God sees you and loves you.

 He is the God of the Mundane. 



laundry mom ErinLaundry Mom~Erin♥

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