The Day I Slept In…

As most of you know by now, I’m pretty adamant about getting your tail out of bed early in the morning. Well, today it just didn’t go as planned. The alarm went off, as usual, but that bed was so darn warm, and Blair was so darn snugly. Well, it just didn’t happen. I heard that little alarm go off. It was playing, “Get that Boogie Down.”

A little side note here: The alarm clock we use in our bedroom is a radio/tape player/alarm clock combination that I got for my sixteenth birthday. Yes, MY sixteenth birthday. I won’t tell you how long ago that was but my oldest daughter is now nineteen and I had her when I was twenty-five. You do the math (it wasn’t my best subject).

So, the alarm clock still works and so does the radio, with one caveat. It only picks up the signal of a 70s radio station. So, whether we like it or not, we get woken up by the Bee Gees, Foreigner, or Fleetwood Mac at least twice a week. One morning it was Queen. That was a good day. I remember one morning when I woke up to “The Night Chicago Died.” That day didn’t go so well.

Okay, side note over.

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So, the alarm blared that nasty 70s music, but Blair turned it off and climbed back into bed. I heard that little voice inside me saying, “this is the only chance you will have all day to read your Bible and pray. You better get up and get your boogie down.” But, I snuggled back in bed and woke up an hour later.

This is how the day went. I remember it vividly. And, no, I’m not making any of this stuff up. I promise. I know I’m creative and everything, but I couldn’t make this up if I tried. First, Korben came down for breakfast and poured a bowl of cereal. He was a little sleepy, so didn’t pay much attention to the cereal as he poured it all over the table. I came in just in time to see Karis yell, “What are you doing?” and yank the cereal box out of Korben’s hands, which in turn made him fall on the ground (I still don’t understand the physics behind that move).

We manage school just fine until my oldest daughter, Kelsey, decided to do her chores and then go back to bed. Yes, go back to bed! I got all over her case for going back to bed when she had obligations with her schoolwork (wait a minute, didn’t I do the exact same thing several hours earlier?)

As I am lecturing Kelsey about responsibility, I’m also making lunch for the kids and sending them outside on the porch to eat. One of the kids didn’t eat all of their beans and brown rice, so in order to avoid a “this food is good for you and you should eat it” lecture from me (can someone please tell me I’m not alone here?), they just dumped the rest of their beans and rice over the porch railing and onto the yard.

Oscar, our dog, discovered it.

An hour later, I’ve cleaned up three piles of canine semi-digested beans and rice (dog puke).

An hour later, Karis can’t finish his two-paragraph report comparing Knights to Samurai.

An hour later, Karis still can’t finish his report.

An hour later, Karis is weeping at the table and still can’t finish his report. Did I mention it was only two paragraphs?

Now the day was beginning to come to a close and I was wishing and wishing I could have just gotten up a little earlier that morning and started the day off right.

Scripture tells us to “observe what the LORD your God requires: Walk in his ways, and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and requirements, so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go.” (1 Kings 2:3)

As moms we have a lot of things to do and a lot of places to go. It’s so refreshing to know that God has promised to prosper us with our endeavors. But here’s the catch. We need to meet the requirements. If we can’t put God first in our lives, then we tie His hands from blessing us in all that we do. He wants us to be successful as mothers. His desire for us is that we have peaceful and productive days full of laughter and joy. And when we take the effort to put Him first, to get up and spend time in His word and in fellowship with Him, then He is going to make sure that we succeed. He’s pulling for us.

When God sees our seed of faith being planted, then He supernaturally intercedes on our behalf. He promises to prosper us. He can multiply our efforts. What would normally take us a day to do, He can touch our lives and it’s done in a moment. What would take years, can take days. A report comparing knights to samurai can actually get finished in twenty minutes. When God is interceding, miracles happen! (did I mention it was only two paragraphs?).

That little bit of time in His word in the morning, those minutes spent in prayer before the kids wake up–it pays off in miraculous ways. He straightens my path and calms my storms. As a mom, I have a huge job before me and I need His help. I really don’t feel like cleaning up dog puke every day, so between you and me? I’m getting my bee-hind out of bed early tomorrow morning and I’m getting my boogie down!


Laundry Mom~Hannah♥

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