The Day After…

Christmas is an amazing time of year!  Families visit, friends reconnect, and strangers smile everywhere you go.  It’s the greatest season because everyone focuses on giving rather than just me-me-me.

I must admit, my all-time favorite day of the year

…is the day after.

The Day After Christmas, December 26th, Resting, Holidays, Relaxing

Not because I don’t LOVE Christmas, because I absolutely DO.  It’s because there is really nothing left to do.  Kids are happy playing with new toys, most visiting family and friends have departed to their hometowns, and best of all, there is NO MORE COOKING!  Leftovers are usually plentiful, and gift cards to eating out are a beautiful thing the day after.

The MAIN reason why I love this day is because I can finally


The top 7 things to do the day AFTER Christmas

  1. Kiss the visitors goodbye.
  2. Sleep In and stay in PJs all day.
  3. Do not cook, order out or eat leftovers.
  4. Return gifts you don’t need, or better yet, send your teens out of the house to do it for you.  Let them stand in the return line at Wal-Mart and enjoy their new I-pod.
  5. Write in your journal all about the season…how God moved in your family, what you would do the same, what you would do differently, what made this year unique.
  6. Get a jump start on your goals and sit and plan out the NEW YEAR that is approaching soon.
  7. READ!!

No matter how you spend this day, while you are relaxing and reflecting on the month, take a minute to thank God for your loved ones and for His amazing Gift of Jesus!




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