The Christmas Fairy House

Klara and Kenna love making fairy houses. It’s one of our favorite activities. We just scavenge for tiny little items all over the place and create a house for fairies to enjoy when we’re not looking. I remember this one particular day, we had just made a Christmas fairy house for one lucky fairy that included a writing desk, a bedroom, and a kitchen that even included a pot to cook in!

Okay, so it was a twig for a kitchen counter and a blue plastic milk top for a pot, but in our eyes it was perfect!

While we were playing, Karis came around and said, “Klara, what are you doing with all this junk?”

She was shocked! This wasn’t junk, this was a fairy house. Couldn’t he see it?

No, he couldn’t.

See, Klara had the vision, not Karis. Karis wasn’t being rude, he just wasn’t looking at it from the same perspective.

This happens all the time.


When Joseph first had a dream of being a great and mighty leader, his brothers ridiculed him. Even his own dad dismissed his dream as arrogance. But God had not given them the dream. He gave it to Joseph. His brothers weren’t angry at him because he had a cool coat or because he was his father’s favorite. His brothers were angry because he had a dream and they didn’t.

When God gives you a dream, He will supply everything you need to fulfill it. There will be plenty of people who do not share your vision and they may even ridicule you. Don’t let it phase you. God didn’t give them the dream. He gave it to YOU.

What are you dreaming today? Has God given you the dream of a happy marriage? A whole family? A healthy body? A home business? Don’t dismiss it as frivolity or just using your imagination. God has given you a dream and He intends for it to be completed. Your job is to keep persevering and keep believing. God will lead you one step at a time. Sometimes, those steps can seem awfully small and sometimes, you may even feel like you’re going backwards. But God’s ways are not our ways. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep dreaming!

Don’t listen to those voices telling you why you can’t succeed. When God says, “Yes,” nothing on earth can say, “No.” Philippians 1:6 tell us that when God begins something in you, He intends on finishing it.” He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.”

Don’t listen to those voices that say you can’t. If God says you can, you CAN. Keep that dream alive.



Laundry Mom~Hannah♥

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