The 17 Secrets of Supermoms

The 17 Secrets of Supermoms
by Hannah Keeley

You know the mom I’m talking about. She’s the one who always seems so put together. Her clothes match, her hair is styled, her husband texts her love notes, and she even rescues abandoned animals. You want to hate her; you really do. But the only thing you can hate about her is the way she makes you feel. It’s the perfect case of mom-envy! Her wonderful life makes yours look, well, not so wonderful.

Now you have a choice…

The 17 Secrets of Supermoms

  1. Avoid her so you don’t have to feel miserable.
  2. Find something—anything—negative about her and spread the news among your friends to make yourself feel better.
  3. Believe she was born under a lucky star and you weren’t.
  4. Learn her secrets and put them to work.

You can avoid her, but that may mean pulling your kids out of school, switching churches, or moving to another country. If you follow through with this plan, you will either become a hermit or just find two more like her wherever you end up. Plus, hermits smell weird. This is not a solution.

You could spread some ugly gossip about her, but, seriously? Is becoming a desperate housewife going to help the situation? You’re just going to make your not-so-wonderful life look even more not-so-wonderful. Unless you’re trying to be cast in a reality show, this is not a solution, either.

You can certainly just chalk it up to the idea that she was just one of those chicks that were born lucky. What can you do? Some moms got it, some don’t. And you don’t. There’s only one problem with that idea. It has been proven that there are certain life skills that ensure success (yep, ensure success). That’s why some people can win the lottery and be broke a year later, and others can come from poverty to become multi-millionaires. Luck has nothing to do with it. They just know some secrets that you don’t.

The only real option is to figure out what she’s doing that you’re not. This mom has some secrets up her sleeve and she’s using them. Do you want to get your act together? Want to be that mom that everyone thinks is “lucky?” Then you’ve got to get the inside scoop. There are certain life skills that guarantee success. You practice these skills, and you’ve got it made in the shade.

Secret #1: They own their lives.

If you don’t take active control over your life, then it will certainly be tossed about whichever way the winds of fate decide to blow. You can blame or complain, but until you decide to own up and take responsibility for your own life, you’re not going anywhere. The most critical step of creating a successful life is to OWN IT. Good, bad, whatever—you have to assume full responsibility for your life situations.

Secret #2: They are farsighted.

Successful moms start out on a pursuit with the end game in mind. Life isn’t just a game where you roll the dice, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. You’ve got be farsighted. You’ve got to see way down the road and then plot out how you’re going to get there. We all know the importance of setting goals, but what you may not know is there is a right way and a wrong way of setting goals. You’ve got to live today with tomorrow in clear sight.

Secret #3: They are the real deal.

The one thing that is true of Supermoms across the board is that they are a class act. They don’t change who they are according to whom they are with. They are genuine, bona fide, 100% Grade A. They treat their pastor the same way they treat that person who cut them off in traffic. Success doesn’t happen to people who are wishy-washy or play chameleon, changing their behavior according to their surroundings. You’ve got to know who you are and be that person all in time and in all circumstances.

Secret #4: They are always tweaking.

How can the most satisfied moms on the planet be the ones who are never satisfied? If you are going to reach success, you need to first understand that there is no finish line. True success means that you are always improving and you never settle. Tweaking is an art form. If one method didn’t work, then another method will. And if one method worked, then tweaking it will probably make it work even better. Whether it’s managing your money, keeping your home, or building your family, tweaking is an absolute must and you’ve got to know how to do it right.

Secret #5: They respond, not react.

Your outcome in life situations is not the result of what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you. It’s easy to lower your life management skills down to a “stimulus-reaction” method. But if you are going to reach a higher level of living, then you need to achieve a higher level of processing. All of us are tempted to react to situations. And there is always an easy way out. But most likely, the easy way out is a reaction and not a response and will probably come back to bite you on the bee-hind later on. There is power in the hesitation.  When you choose to respond intelligently and lovingly, you are opening up the doors to success.

Secret #6: They ask the right questions.

Those who live better lives ask better questions. Asking is an art form and if you can master this, you pretty much have the world at your fingertips. You must be able to ask the right questions of the people in your life in order to build better relationships. You must be able to ask the right questions of life situations in order to turn them into success stories. And you must ask the right questions of yourself because then the right answers can come out of hiding.

Secret #7: They keep out the junk.

“Garbage in, garbage out!” The old saying is as true today as it ever was. If you want a superior mind, body, and spirit, you’ve got to dine on superior food. What are you feasting on? You wouldn’t pour water in your gas tank, would you? Successful moms make a habit of fueling their lives, not just stuffing it. From the stuff we put on the table to the stuff we allow on the television, junk is hidden everywhere. A success diet spans across the whole spectrum—mind, body, and spirit. Get your diet down and your life will skyrocket.

Secret #8: They mess up.

Something magical happens when there’s movement, even if it is movement that is off course. So many people are so afraid of failing, they never even try. But when you try, fail, try, fail, and try again. You will eventually taste success. Success is not the end result, but the process of learning, growing and fine-tuning your skills. The most successful moms in the world are the ones that failed plenty but kept on going in spite of it.

Secret #9: They maximize moments.

Mediocre moms see life in stages. Supermoms see life in moments. Success isn’t the peak experience. Success lies in the “mini” choices that you make every day. Many people will set big goals and refuse to celebrate until the reach them (if they reach them). Super achievers understand the significance of celebrating small decisions that define success, and this practice paves the road to a successful and satisfying life.

Secret #10: They know what matters.

You can have everything in life, but if you’re not happy then something’s not working. And that something is usually a purpose. Successful moms don’t lose grip on what really matters in life and they guard it ferociously. When you lose purpose, you lose life. Don’t let the little things in life pull you away from the biggest things in life. Define it, remind it, and protect it.

Secret #11: They expect the best.

It’s absolutely shocking what can happen in a person’s life when they are convinced that everyone and everything in the world is working in their favor. It’s not egotistical to expect the best; it’s just using the law of attraction to help build a superior life on all levels. It works like magic! When you expect the best and make room for it in your life, it’s going to show up. So you better get ready. It’s not a matter of wishing. Wishing is for wannabes. This is smack-down, in-your-face, raw faith. And it doesn’t get any more real than this.

Secret #12: They stay connected.

You are not here to hang out for a while, leave a footprint or two, and go on our merry way. You were created for an abundant life, a wonderful life. But you need to stay connected with your Creator if you are going to fill the joy of living in spirit. When you are connected to God, your supply is unlimited.

Secret #13: They fuel the tank.

Have you developed PMS? Pathetic Mom Syndrome? If you’re depriving yourself of everything in life because you believe the more you sacrifice, the better mom you will be, then you’ve got it for sure. The problem with PMS is that you not only hurt yourself, but you also deprive others of a full, complete mom. You need to sharpen that ax, Mama because you’ve got plenty of trees to chop down.

Secret #14: They don’t cope; they conquer.

As long as you are trying to cope, you are going to be stuck in a mentality from which you will never be able to escape. Everyone has obstacles. Are you going to try to navigate around these obstacles or rise above them? “Coping” is not even an option for supermoms. They see everything from a higher perspective. It’s time you quit trying to find a way to survive and start learning how to really thrive.

Secret #15: They have the right habits.

Habits are powerful things. They can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. If used correctly, the power of habits can push you to a level of success that you thought were previously unattainable. First, you build your habits, but then your habits build you. The question is: what type of habits are you developing? Good habits take effort. But it pays off in big ways. A little pain in the bee-hind now will be a huge blessing later.

Secret #16: They listen to their gut.

The biggest myth about supermoms is that they are constantly trying to “one-up” the other mom. Not true! There are winners and there are whiners. Which one are you? Winners aren’t weighing their worth by what other people think. You need to trust your gut instinct and have the confidence to go with it.

Secret #17: They are hoses, not buckets.

A wonderful thing happens when we start giving generously of ourselves—we start getting more and more in return. If you’re trying to hold on tight to what you’ve got, then you’re thinking too small. Quit being a bucket. That water is stale and limited. When you let good things pour in your life and through your life, you’ve become a hose, and your life is blessed beyond belief!


Hannah Keeley was once in overwhelmed mom living in a cluttered house, deep in debt, out of shape, and barely hanging on. But one day, after finding herself sobbing uncontrollably into a pile of clean laundry, she realized God has bigger and better plans for her (just like He does for each one of His children). Beginning that day, she began making changes in her life that took her from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Today, she’s helping moms do the same. Hannah, her husband, Blair, and their seven children live in Richmond, Virginia, and are having the time of their lives!

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