Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

If your family is like ours, sometimes it can be challenging helping Dad unplug from work during the carefree days of summer and just have some FUN!  It’s not that Daddy doesn’t WANT to play, it’s just that there is always some sort of work to do. Be it at the office or in the yard, there will always be something calling out to our husbands needing to be done.

A couple of days ago, my husband was surprised with four free tickets to an afternoon – middle of the work week – good old fashioned MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL GAME.  His love for baseball goes back to his early childhood days when he would sit in his room and just memorize stats off of his baseball card collection. No matter what his personal feelings are towards the team owner, newest draft pick, or insufficient televised games, if my husband gets a chance to spend an afternoon at the ball park….come HECK or high water, he wants to be there.

I WANT him to BE THERE. He needs it. It refreshes him.

HUSBAND: Honey, I just got these four tickets to the game, do you want to go with me?…

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Me: (knowing that he would be fine if I said no, and that he secretly KNEW I would say no, and loving him for asking me, I said….)  OH, that’s so sweet of you to want to take ME first!!  But No sweetie, I am already committed at home today, maybe you could invite some friends? 

I see him begin to process through who of his friends have the work flexibility to just take a half day off at the last minute.



ME:  HEY!  Why don’t you take the girls?  Go and Make a MEMORY!

We have six daughters, the ones who were “ballpark ready” that day are ages ten, eight, and five.  They squealed with glee when their daddy gave a sideways grin in agreement.

Husband: But what about Charis? What if she gets bored?

Me: Bring a clipboard, some blank paper, and fresh new colored pencils and have her sketch a picture of the scoreboard, the train, and the ball park!  She’ll sit for hours!!

The morning came and the girls were busy with morning chores as fast as they could get them done.

How much longer till we go, Mom?  The anticipation is always half the fun.

I take a quick trip to the dollar store: sunscreen, 3 new child sunglasses, fresh colored pencils and crayons, packs of gum, water bottles, and some surprise candy.

With a fully stocked Dora the Explorer backpack, the team is ready to roll!

Filled with excitement and anticipation, the girls find their flip-flops and helped their daddy get the car loaded and out the door.

My husband had plenty of work to do that day: Clients to contact and emails to process.  He chose to do the opposite, and take his girls by the hand, inviting them to experience a little glimpse of his childhood love.  He chose to make a memory.

I was so proud of him.

They loved every minute!!  From the smell of FRESH PRETZELS, to the highly anticipated cotton candy man, to the roar of the eighth inning stretch, and the toot of the Minute Made train, my sweet husband, with his three younger daughters played and laughed that day – they made a memory!

When God brings you an opportunity for FUN, take Him up on it this summer!



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