Surprise! I’m Pregnant!

We had just settled into life back in the good ‘ol US of A, the moving truck had delivered our last of the shipment from overseas, and life was settling in quite nicely. We had found a good church to plug into and the whole family had finally started to accept the cows in the passing Texas fields as normal… as apposed to the camels that dotted the landscape of our drives from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Life was good and I was enjoying my little family with 3 kids and at this stage with everyone able to dress themselves, and grab a snack if they happened to wake up before the Momma… Aaaahh finally a sigh of relief from the nights of interrupted sleep, nursing babies, and we were even almost completely potty trained!…Hallelujah! I was doing a little home free happy dance on the inside and then …just when you decide to let God know your plans for the next… say…18 more years…BAM…SURPRISE..you find yourself PREGNANT!

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Sometimes I think when we tinkle on those little sticks, the angels must be dancing around knowing that we will either cry tears of joy or tears of shock, and they are gonna have to catch us from fainting or trying to jump off the toilet running down the hall with our panties around our ankles! Actually…this time I was either in such shock, or giddy with excitement…that I decided to not say a word to anyone!

That’s right…this might be the ONLY SECRET I have ever kept to myself without spilling the beans…to even my husband… EVER! (that is of ‘course… unless… you are one of my dear sweet closest friends, and you are reading this…you know my word is true and If you asked me not to say anything…I didn’t…not even a peep! honest!)…ok… so back to the SURPRISE!

We had planned a wonderful birthday celebration for my husband…we had family and friends join us at a yummy nearby restaurant and had just dined on a scrumptious Italian dinner topping it off with the usual birthday cake and singing the Happy Birthday song with all the wait staff gathered around…celebrating his 50th Birthday!…(yes…that’s right!…he snatched up a sweet young thang)

And then…drum roll please…it was the BIG REVEAL…he opened all the presents except one…an old antique Wranglers cowboy box we had kept around for decoration… His curiosity was peaking as he lifted the lid off the box…peering inside… too find a hand written note… along with a pair of baby GIRL cowboy boots & baby BOY cowboy boots asking which one he would like for his birthday and that we would find out in about 9 months!…THE LOOK ON HIS FACE I WILL NEVER FORGET!priceless!

That moment in time is forever sketched in my memory, right along with the moment when we put my 18 year old daughter on a plane bound for AUSTRALIA and then INDIA! I cried leading up to the moment… through 7 months of being apart from her… and through happy tears when she landed back on Texas soil!

These moments are what shape our lives, and make us the backbone of a family… because I don’t know about you, but I know I must pray my heart out to get through times like these! It’s the prayers of a Momma that not only shape her family, the lives of her friends, but those prayers also spill over into the community, the state, the nation and even the World!

When we train our children up with character, integrity, and knowing how to honor those around them, it sets their life course on an incredible journey to impact everyone they come in contact with for the Kingdom of God! Just know whether you are experiencing morning sickness or menopause you can rest in His Grace as we embrace this thing called Motherhood!


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Do you long to share those three little words with your husband…”Honey, I’m pregnant!” or have you been there and done that and your quiver is full? Well pull up a chair, a cup o’joe or some sweet tea and check out how Terri is glowing from pregnancy all the while encouraging her oldest son away at college and managing 9 in between!


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