Surprise…Change of Plans!

Nausea swept over me like a title wave and regret settled in. Can’t I splurge on rich food just once without feeling this way? Or maybe I have what the kids have been passing around?

Lying in bed green to the core, I rearranged my schedule in my head. I don’t have time to be sick. I need to prepare for the spring semester, take down Christmas decorations, write 4 articles, and prepare to speak at a MOPS brunch. Lord, please heal me!

Life has a way of rearranging our well-laid plans. Not only had I mapped out the month of January, but also my calendar is packed through 2013. However, it seems the Lord is rewriting the timing of events on my calendar.

Change of Plans, Plan B, Surprise Addition

The nausea turned out to be another little Bonin on the way. God is entrusting us with yet another soul to raise. We are blown away excited! Pregnancy, however, slows me down and changes travel plans for us, so we will once again push back a few of the trips we had on the schedule.

I trust God knows what is best for my family and His Kingdom, so I rest in His decision to rewrite our plans. He is trustworthy. He is good. He is faithful. I feel overwhelmingly privileged that He continues to bless us in spite of our short- comings. I’m so thankful He continues to enlarge our family; this child is an eternal blessing we will enjoy forever.

So when my seasickness passes and I can think straight, I hope to write an eBook called Have a Baby and Be Fit to help other moms. That is something I can do wherever I am. Lord wiling, I’ll write it as I go through this pregnancy to help other moms who are not sure how to maintain a healthy weight and get back in their jeans after delivery. I also hope to post-monthly updates along the way so that you can enjoy this new life God is blessing our family with, too.


Happy New Year and know that when God rewrites your plans, He can be trusted!


Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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