Support to Reach Your Target Goals

Support to Reach Your Target Goals

By Terri Bonin

Two weeks into the new year and people’s resolutions are already faltering. It’s a common occurrence y’all. Every year the gyms flood with people who are set to lose weight only to have attendance significantly drop by February. It’s just the way it is. But, it doesn’t have to be that way for YOU! The fact is that there are some people that achieve their goals. There are some people who stick it out to the end and look back on their year satisfied with their accomplishments instead of frustrated with the lack of action they took.

If you were frustrated at the end of last year then…

Then you have a choice…don’t be that way at the end of this year! Get yourself a great planner (I love passion planner for that) and plan out your year. If you’re in business then plan out exactly what you want to accomplish this year and then map out how you’re going to do it. If you have a weight loss goal then decide how much weight you want to lose and make a plan to get it happening.

If your goal is weight loss then you should definitely check out this free workshop! Whatever your goals are this year you can achieve them! If you’re finding it tough to stay motivated then I highly recommend these essential oils from Young Living.

Motivation ~ this one is pretty self-explanatory. A friend of mine tells a hilarious story where she kept offering her husband a foot rub using motivation oil (she didn’t tell him what she was using) and about thirty minutes later he would get up and start getting things done around the house. Around the third or fourth time she did this he said: “wait a minute, what are you rubbing on my feet??” So hysterical!!

Another one of my favorite oils is called Highest Potential. This year is the year to reach your highest potential. Did you know it’s the last “teen” year we’ll ever be alive for? Crazy right?! So make it amazing and give yourself a little extra push by combining your prayer life with some highest potential. I want to hear the results of this because they’re going to be amazing.

The last oil I want to recommend to get your goals accomplished this year is Build Your Dream. It was created for Young Living’s 20th anniversary and says that “This delightful aroma will help you build confidence and look past the obstacles in front of you so you can expand your potential and get motivated to accomplish your dreams.” That’s a pretty powerful write-up!

With this oil trio, you can stay motivated, reach for your highest potential, and work on building your dream this year. Don’t fall into the trap of giving up on yourself! To order any of these oils just click here.

~ Terri


Meet Terri Bonin, the author of 31 Days to Fit,  14 Days to Ignite Your Marriageand Live, Laugh, Love, and Laundry. Terri’s 23-year union with her favorite dentist (her husband), has been prosperous in their prolific production of 10 darling children. She also holds a degree in nutritional counseling which seems to be most frequently used to persuade her children to eat their greens. Terri’s secret pleasure is sneaking away from juggling the daily tasks, homeschooling, and dating her husband to escape to her office to write for her own enjoyment. As you can imagine she has a LOT to write about!

*Disclaimer: The information above is based on my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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