Summer Wonder

Summer Wonder

by Katie Sadler


Summer is here! The pool, the Beach, the Aquariums and Zoos…all places frequented by Summer Fun Scouts. The laughs, the giggles, the wonder when discovering something new and fun…summer works it’s magic on us all. Before we know it, we remember how much fun it is to be a kid again.

Everywhere you go, there is something wonderful to observe in God’s marvelous creation. The Beach…shells, crabs, dolphins, even Jellyfish are pretty awesome as long as you keep your distance! Aquariums, Zoos and Nature Preserves all have exiting habitats and exhibits to keep the observer marveling. I have to say, the Pool even has marvelous creatures…


People are the most fun to watch, in my opinion. Everyone so alike and yet so very different!

The Zoo is a favorite for our family. I love watching children run from exhibit to exhibit. The way their eyes lighting up when they learn something new or discover the actual size of their favorite animal! I love listening to their chattering inquiries…”Wow, I didn’t know elephants were SO big.” “That flamingo looks more orange than pink.” “I’ve never seen that animal before!” Now days, when we go to the Zoo, my- now older children- reminisce right along with my husband and me!

Even though we are all growing older, and Zoo trips are few and far between, nature still speaks to each of us. The Zoo or Arboretum pour forth beauty and creativity in abundance, but so do the fireflies in my front yard, or the flowerbeds that spill forth Summer Jubilee!

“…God said that it was good.”

How big are the smiles and the twinkles in the Creator’s eyes when he looks at us? His creation delights His senses, too! After the Master Creator finished creating the heavens, the earth, the beast, the fowl…he saw it was good. As a matter of fact, after God created man, Genesis 1:31a says “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

As summer fun blows through your family like the warm breeze, may you marvel at it’s splendor. Take time to point out, to wonder, to relish the beauty as the long, warm, care-free days of summer envelop us these next few months…and don’t let your kids have all the fun! I pray I still have days of wide-eyed wonder…even now!



katieFor over a decade, Katie Sadler has challenged women and their families to make intentional decisions in life. Katie has been a regular contributor for itakejoy.com, and she served as the Founding Director of the TrueLife Homeschool Group, creating an environment for families to love and serve together.

Katie, her husband, and their two children live in Grand Saline, Texas. Join Katie on her blog as she makes intentional decisions – in her walk with God and in her time with her family and loved ones.



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