Summer Time is Here!

Can you smell it? No, not that dirty diaper. I’m talking about that intoxicating smell of sunblock! Okay, so maybe it’s not that intoxicating. It just reminds me of everything that is—the warm sunshine on my skin, the chill of that first dip in the pool, the drip of the melting, fruity popsicles on the pavement, and so much more. But as tempting as it is to spend all summer in the sunshine, don’t go out without these smart tips…

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PROTECT from the sunshine. It’s tempting to just slap on some sunblock and leave it at that, but moms need to be smart about the sun. Make sure you put sunblock on fifteen minutes before dipping into the pool. Also, remember to reapply every hour (or half hour for more sensitive skin). And don’t forget about those sun-prone spots, like parts in hair or the tops of the ears (a sunblock stick is perfect for these). Our choice is an all natural alternative to the chemical laden stuff you find at the grocery store, you can check out our favorite alternatives here!

PACK your bag. Of course, you’ll throw sunblock and shades in your pool bag, but don’t forget about the other necessities. Always bring along plenty of water for you and the kiddos. Pool toys don’t have to be expensive. I like to bring along some loose change (mostly pennies) for the older kids to play hide and seek with them in the pool. I also like to bring recycled food containers, like squirt bottles or parmesan cheese containers for the younger set.

PREPARE the car. You never know when you may need to make a run to the store, so always keep a cooler and a thermos in your car at all times. Fill up the thermos with ice and water before you head out and keep the cooler in case you need to run by the store and pick up some frozen or refrigerated goods. In the summer heat, those items can melt pretty quickly so be prepared. Preparing the car also means preparing for occasional scratches and bumps that are always more frequent in the summertime. Make sure you keep a stocked first aid kit in your car no matter what season it is.

PLAY like you mean it. Now that you’re prepared for summer, go ahead and enjoy it. Flip off those shades, kick off those sandals and dive in headfirst (it’s easier than trying to get adjusted to the pool water little-by-little).

Summer is a lot like that—you’ve just got to jump in and enjoy it. Catch fireflies, ride your bike, and play with your kids like you mean it.


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