Summer Slim Down

Summer Slim Down

by Terri Bonin


Here comes the sun! (Who else sang that in their heads?) The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the heat is back in the air. Praise the Lord! With the summer heat comes the need to drink a LOT more water though so keep that in mind as you start to get active again. Just doing yard work can really drain your electrolytes so be sure to rehydrate often. Drinking just plain old water can get pretty boring, especially if you’re not a big water drinker, to begin with.

That’s why…

Summer Slim Down.jpeg


We’ve decided to do a class tonight all about summer slim down recipes! We will be sharing some awesome tips, and recipes to help you stay hydrated for the entire summer. Not to mention recipes to help you actually slim down because it’s summer Y’all! Some of the recipes we will be sharing helps you avoid dehydration, uplifts your mood, and even helps with digestion! Yes, please! You’ll have to come check out our class for the rest of the recipes but rest assured if you can’t make it tonight you can always watch the replay.

My heart’s desire is for you to succeed in whatever your goals are so if that’s slimming down, then let’s make that happen! No one likes to feel uncomfortable in their own skin and it’s time you get comfortable in yours.


~ Terri


ps… If you’re looking for more “Dr. Mom” wisdom then just text HEALTH to my number 281-747-8467 and I’ll walk you through my favorite tips on natural living for optimal health and wellness for the whole family!




Hi Friend… I’m married to my hubs who also happens to be my favorite dentist! Brace yourself for this next part: We have eleven amazing kiddos, on purpose! Said kids are growing up fast and multiplying now, too! So our family is basically the size of a small city!

I’ve home-schooled our children for 25 years and have several more to go until we graduate our youngest who is nine. I was crunchy before it was cool and used essential oils before it became a fad. Therefore I fill this space with thoughts on marriage, mom hacks, wellness tips, and peeks into our crazy, messy, beautiful life. I hope you find this space happy and helpful!

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