Summer Camp Survival Kit

Summer Camp Survival Kit

by Terri Bonin


Ok, moms! If you’ve got kids headed off to summer camp it’s a great opportunity for them to take ownership of their health! If you’re already reaching for healthy options at home on a daily basis, it will be first nature to them when they’re away from you.

Prepare them best by making the necessary remedies to grab and go just in case they get a bug bite, eat too much camp food, or get a bump or bruise! I pack roller bottles and inhalers to address the physical and emotional needs they might have as they travel! Here’s my summer camp checklist…

I buy the amber-colored rollerballs with metal rollers and gold lids here’s the link from Amazon

  • Tummy Roller: Digize, aroma-ease, lemon
  • Bravery Roller: valor, inner child
  • Insect and Bobo Eraser Roller: purification, lavender, (citronella: optional)

We’ve used essential oil inhalers for years with great results! When you get the essential oil combo right it feels like mouthwash for the nasal passage, and the results are AMAZING!

Here are the Essential OiI Inhalers from Amazon!

  • Calm Inhaler: cedar-wood, peace, and calming, copaiba
  • Energy Inhaler: peppermint, bergamot, lemon

Plus…you can add Thieves Mouthwash in a squirt bottle for the airplane to clean breath, then address all the cooties in the air with Thieves Spray and Thieves cough drops for all the singing!

Of course, I can only recommend Young Living oils because I know their “Seed to Seal” standard and processes. I’m an advocate for purity in all our products and foods. If you want to hear how toxins can affect us check out this short class!



ps…Do you wonder if you can use essential oils with your family?

If you’re looking for more “Dr. Mom” wisdom then just text HEALTH to my number 281-747-8467 and I’ll walk you through my favorite tips on natural living for optimal health and wellness!

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