Storming the Gates – A 30 day Challenge

Credit:  The Educational Leadership Program, Liberty University

Storming the Gates of Leadership for Christ

With the elections approaching next week, most would agree that there exists a dearth of leadership in the world today. However, rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of this lack, it is time for the Christian Community to take some positive action. One way this can be accomplished is for thousands of Christians to become prayer warriors for the leaders around the world (Ephesians 6:18; I timothy 2:1-4). This challenge provides you with a plan to become involved and part of the solution to the problem.

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Learning to pray for others is an important step in becoming more like Christ. Christ was willing to sacrifice for others and was not looking for glory in so doing. He gave His life that we might live more abundantly (Ephesians 5:1-14). There is ample scriptural evidence in both the Old and New Testaments regarding personal responsibility for upholding leaders and praying for them. For example, Aaron and Hur stood beside Moses and held up his arms to assure victory against Amalek. We, as fellow-believers too must lift up our leaders in prayer and encouragement.

In addition, Paul and other biblical authors have built a strong biblical foundation for praying for others. Paul especially gives us guidance on praying for groups as he prayed for the people in the churches at Rome, Colosse, Galatia, Ephesus, Corinth, Thessolonica, Philippi, Laodicea and Philemon (Col. 2:1, 4:7-9). He prayed for them collectively. We too can pray collectively following Paul’s example.

How it Works:

First, pray for personal wisdom regarding those who should be on your initial list. Ask God to guide you in making a list of seven leaders that you know personally. Make a commitment to pray by name for each leader on a daily basis. Use the Day-by Day guidelines found in this document. Read the scriptures associated with each day in Daily Prayer Guide.

At the end of the first thirty days (one month) pray again and select another set of seven leaders to begin praying for. Continue this effort for one full year. A consistent effort will mean that you have touched the heart of God on behalf of 84 leaders at the end of a one-year time of pray.

Develop a personal diary of thoughts and records of the success of your prayer ventures. Be aware that the fruit of your pray labor may not become known until you reach eternity with Christ.

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At the end of the time of prayer (one month) we encourage you to  write about your reflections, based on your personal diary, including any changes and positive things that you have seen occur in the lives of these leaders, as well as the impact of this exercise on your life.

Here is the Daily Prayer Guide!

Let’s Storm the Gates Together!



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