Y’all ever discover your husband’s gym bag full of old sweaty clothing? You know it’s been sitting there for quite a while by the ummm odor that is emanating from it. I have so been there! One time someone (who will remain nameless) left chicken bones from lunch underneath a seat in the car for weeks! Y’all I thought someone had died. I honest to goodness thought that there was a body hiding somewhere in our car that I was sure to discover. How do you get rid of a smell like that? I thought for sure the car was a goner but thankfully…

I remembered that Purification oil is GREAT at getting rid of stinking stanky smells. Sure enough, it worked like a charm! I added about 10 – 15 drops to a spray bottle and voila! The smell was gone and never came back. And unlike so many of those smell sprays, it didn’t mask the smell, it actually got rid of it. I know you know what I’m talking about. You spray an aerosol after having a poop and it just smells like lemony poop! Yuck! Nobody wants that. Purification actually gets rid of the smell once and for all. It’s what I diffuse in all of my bathrooms for that reason. I also love that I can completely trust what I’m diffusing as opposed to those sprays that are full of chemicals. Lemony poop is bad enough, but chemical laden lemony poop? Just. No.

I’m not sure what you’ve been using to get rid of that gym bag stench or really stinky shoes but I highly recommend this oil. It smells sooo good and so fresh and neutralizes any stinky smell.  From the smell of death in your car to your burnt dinner (oops) it will work every single time. When you’re a busy mama like me there’s just no time for lengthy solutions. We need that smell gone and we need it gone NOW! Am I right or am I right? It’s just one of the many reasons I love Young Living. I can trust their products to be safe for me and my family and I know that when I use them the results will be fast. Who doesn’t need that?

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