Spring Cleaning with Fresh Twist

Spring Cleaning with Fresh Twist

by Terri Bonin

Who else loves Spring? The birds in the air, the windows finally open again, the fresh air blowing in your face after what seems like a millennium cooped up inside the house. I don’t know if it’s just me but I seem to acquire so much more stuff over the winter. Maybe it just looks that way because I’ve been spending more time inside and can physically see everything piling up. Whatever the case, when Spring comes I am ready to declutter and get my house in tip-top shape again. I’ll be honest, I used to use harsh chemicals to get my home cleaned because I didn’t know any better.

Little did I know…


Spring Cleaning with Fresh Twist


I was actually poisoning the people in my home without even realizing it. Obviously, that was not my intention but you don’t know what you don’t know. Now I know better and so I wanted to write this article to share some tips with you. When we use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean our homes, we are breathing those into our bodies. Not to mention when we run our dishwasher through with those little chemical pods and then serve meals on plates that now have traces of toxins on them. When we mop the floor with toxins and then let our babies and pets walk on them they are absorbing those chemicals into their skin.

Okay, this is not a shame piece, I promise! All I’m trying to do is bring some awareness to an area you may not be super familiar with. Toxins have such a harmful effect on our bodies and the US has grandfathered so many chemicals into our products that we just don’t know what’s unsafe anymore. This is why I’ve chosen to replace all of the harmful chemical cleaning products with plant-based ones that are beneficial to my family’s bodies instead of harmful. Are they as effective as bleach? Actually, yes! Isn’t that wild? Not to mention, I’ve been able to replace the bathroom, kitchen, windows, and floor cleaners with just ONE inexpensive all natural, plant-based product.

Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner can clean everything in your home and disinfect it as well.

How amazing is that?

To order any of the products I mentioned just click here.

~ Terri


ps… If you’re looking for more “Dr. Mom” wisdom then just text HEALTH to my number 281-747-8467 and I’ll walk you through my favorite tips on natural living for optimal health and wellness for the whole family!



Hi Friend… I’m married to my hubs who also happens to be my favorite dentist! Brace yourself for this next part: We have eleven amazing kiddos, on purpose! Said kids are growing up fast and multiplying now, too! So our family is basically the size of a small city!

I’ve home-schooled our children for 25 years and have several more to go until we graduate our youngest who is nine. I was crunchy before it was cool and used essential oils before it became a fad. Therefore I fill this space with thoughts on marriage, mom hacks, wellness tips, and peeks into our crazy, messy, beautiful life. I hope you find this space happy and helpful!

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