Spring Cleaning on a Dime!

Do you have a desire to clean, but don’t have the extra money to invest in all those new (and costly) cleaning products?  If you are a stay at home mom, living on one income so you can be with the kids more, then you might be in this camp.  Necessity really is the mother of invention and spring cleaning, before it gets too hot outside is most definitely a necessity!  Today I would like to give you a few helpful tips on how you are roll up your sleeves and enjoy a fresh clean home. 

Free items to Collect Now…

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Believe you can do this!  Take a minute to write out your goal.  What does WILD success look like to you in the area of spring cleaning.  Write it down and date it! 

Elbow Grease – Do not underestimate this commodity.  Maid services charge big bucks for teams of ladies to come into your home and do what you and other members of your family really can do TOGETHER! Elbow Grease is my #1 go-to ingredient when spring cleaning on a dime!!

Newspapers – Don’t buy them, just ask your neighbors for theirs or go to the recycling bin and gather some.  These work great for your windows and help you avoid costly paper towel products and stretch your cleaning budget. 

Old rags / towels – Cut them up, fold them, and place them in your spring cleaning bucket.

All existing Cleaning supplies in the Home – Look everywhere. Make it a game for the kids.  Have all the supplies collected in one spot so you can use up what you have and avoid buying duplicates. 

Cheaper than dirt (Inexpensive) Household items:

Baking soda – 27 ways to clean with it! 

Distilled White Vinegar – Vinegar Tips and Tricks!

Fresh Lemons – 24 Things you can clean with them!

20 Mule Team Borax – Many cleaning uses here!

Hydrogen Peroxide – 10 Clever Uses for cleaning with hydrogen peroxide

Cornstarch – Clean grease spills on carpets. Pour cornstarch onto spots and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes before vacuuming.

Rubbing Alcohol – Erase permanent-marker stains from finished wood floors or solid-surface countertops. Pour rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and apply.

Small expense but very helpful! 

Cloth diapers – Check freecycle and craigslist for a cheap way to score some of these great dust grabbers.

Pan scraper – This saves so much time when scrubbing baked on pans in the kitchen.  They wash right off and don’t turn to a nasty pile of copper goo like the SOS pads. 

Whisk broom – Not something generally on the spring cleaning “things to buy” list, but very helpful getting all those crumbs out of the corners of countertops and carpeted rooms.

Microfiber cleaning cloths – yes, these are a little more costly, I personally think that cloth diapers work just fine, but the ‘experts’ all seem to think that you have 90% more success with attacking dust and dirt when you clean with these.  The jury may still be out.

Essential oils – Keep your home smelling clean and fresh.  Thieves oil and cleaners will actually clean every surface of your home.  You can purchase them at Young Living Essential Oils

Other helpful tips for Spring Cleaning on a Dime

Barter – Trade out with your neighbor the use of her new-fangled vacuum cleaner for your fancy whacha-ma-call-it!

Borrow – Don’t be surprised if your mom or your sister has more cleaning supplies than she’ll ever use in a lifetime.  Ask if you can borrow for your spring cleaning weekend.

Couponing – In my Kindle book The Classical Couponer , I show you step by step how to save THOUSANDS of dollars a year using coupons.  If you are a coupon wanna-be, or an old school gal, there are tips and tricks in the book for you.  Couponing is an incredible way to stockpile cleaning supplies…and start your spring cleaning

On a DIME!!

Happy Cleaning!!!!!



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