We Survived! Spring Cleaning DONE!

Well, today is the LAST DAY of our Spring Cleaning Frenzy! THANK GOODNESS! I mean, doesn’t it feel GREAT to have a de-cluttered, sparkly clean home right before summer? Come to think of it, deep cleaning right before summer…it’s akin to taking a bath BEFORE going on a sweaty jog. We are strange people, aren’t we?

Well, this family has worked hard together, and the progress was invigorating. However, I’m thankful it’s called Spring Cleaning

and not:

Spring/Summer Purge and Wipe Until You Die Cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a sparkly clean house, but if that were this family’s main goal every day, NOTHING else would EVER be accomplished around here. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta let a room WAIT, and it’s OK. The world will still go around if a thing or two are out of place.

Here’s my sad, true, embarrassing as usual example…

Spring Cleaning, Family Living, Clean House

Propped up in my bed last night, deep in thought typing away on my computer an adorable daughter broke into my concentration, “Mom, I need some cute earrings to go with this jacket. Do you have any?”

“Yes! Actually I do! And I know right where they are.”

Pointing to the floor by the door I said, “One of them is by the door, and the other is under my bed.”

Thinking nothing of it, my daughter retrieved the one earring by the door, and then hunched on all fours to look for a sparkly silver dangle earring under my bed.

“Found them! Thanks, Mom!” She put the earrings in her ears, tilted her head to show me her finished look, and then we both laughed as she walked out of the room shaking her head like, You’re so weird, Mom.

You see, it’s a normal event in our house to find important items in weird places. (Not important like a diamond ring or a Ghirardelli chocolate bar, but you get my drift, important like useful or needed.)

After all that Spring Cleaning we have FEWER needed things laying around in weird places, but weird still resides around here as items scoot into strange places. Sometimes it’s just easier to make a mental note about the location of an item, than it is to bend down, pick it up and take it to the right place.

Whatever the reason bending down is such a problem for me, you can see that I am truly thankful Spring Cleaning month is over.

What about you? Did you complete your Spring Cleaning this month?


Laundry Mom Terri BoninLaundry Mom~Terri♥

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5 comments on “We Survived! Spring Cleaning DONE!

  1. For some of us, bending over is more of a challenge than others! HA!

  2. Lol!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has ‘special’ Places for things;)

    • Terri Bonin says:

      Melanie, after I wrote this post, my four year old asked me to help him find one of his little super heros. So we scoured the house. When we gave up, I went to the fridge to get us a snack and guess what was sitting on the bottom shelf staring at me? Yep, his little Spider Man. Even four year olds have ‘special places’ for some things. lol…It starts young.

  3. Daisy Finch says:

    Fantastic article! Thanks for sharing I will make sure all my friends check it out too 🙂 <3

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