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Hello Laundry Moms readers!  I’m Becky from the blog, Clean Mama.  I also am the owner of Clean Mama Printables – an Etsy shop where I sell homekeeping printable documents sure to get you organized in a hurry.  I’m excited to be with you today and to talk a little about what I talk a lot about on my blog – cleaning and organizing!  I have a pretty great cleaning routine that’s intended to just take a little bit of time every day.

Hopefully the de-cluttering is going well for you and you’re getting ready to start your spring cleaning.  A great time saver for your spring or deep cleaning is to put together a bucket or container with all your supplies.  Why?  All the supplies are in one place, no searching and gathering.  It also gives yourself the message that you are committed to doing this (if you need a little message)…

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I’ve devised a simple cleaning routine to keep my home clean – it’s intended to take 15-30 minutes a day.  I like spreading the cleaning out over the course of the week in lieu of a whole day or weekend of cleaning.

Everyday do a little something – check floors (sweep or vacuum as necessary), wipe counters (kitchen – 2-3 times/day and bathrooms as necessary), clutter (mail, school work), laundry (do at least one load every day).  These are probably things that you do already, but making a conscious effort is helpful and turning them into a routine is the key to successfully carrying it out.

In addition to the daily 4 little things that I do every day, every day gets a cleaning task.  Monday is bathrooms day, Tuesday is dusting day, Wednesday is vacuuming day, Thursday is floor washing day (all the floors get washed – bathrooms included), Friday is catch-all day (a day to catch up on any unfinished tasks), and Saturday is sheets and towels day.  Sunday is a day of rest and a family day, so no major cleaning tasks to tackle.

Why would you want to follow a cleaning routine?  Here are a couple reasons that I hear from my readers – a plan is so helpful, a plan keeps them focused, it’s doable for working and stay at home moms, a clean and organized house creates a peaceful environment to enjoy, and it’s just nice to know what to clean and when to clean it.






Becky (Clean Mama) is a work at home wife and mom to three little ones, who keeps it ‘all’ together with a great list and a cup of coffee.  She loves cleaning and organizing and helping her readers find their inner domestic. You can visit her at her blog, her shop, Clean Mama Printables, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.


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