If there’s one thing I know it’s spice. I have been spicing things up in my life (and bedroom ~ oooooh lala!) for years and years. Sometimes you just need a little extra spice to keep things interesting in your life. The same old all the time gets boring and feels mundane.

That’s why…

…I like to use my Young Living vitality essential oils in the kitchen and my regular oils in the bedroom. These oils are so potent that a little goes a long way. You can just dip a toothpick into the parsley vitality and stir it into your pasta sauce for some added flavor. In the bedroom, you can add a drop of black pepper to some carrier oil and make things interesting by adding a little warmth to the mood.

I used to be so bland and boring in the kitchen and now I find myself experimenting with oils on the daily. Did you know that Young Living just came out with a cilantro vitality oil? If you love cilantro then this is an epic addition to the kitchen. You can make some diluted edible oil mixtures to spice things up in the kitchen OR in the bedroom. Try new things, look up new recipes, and make things spicy again!

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